Sylvanian Families imagination and creativity in West Australia


Recently Phoebe, age 10, from Seville Grove, West Australia, shared with us her lovely, festive Sylvanian Families Christmas scenes, with the assurance that her Sylvanian residents would be very excited to appear in an article! So here we go!
Shrink down to Sylvanian size and enjoy the tour of Phoebe's town!

Sylvanian Families Grand Department Store Christmas scene

Phoebe has been collecting Sylvanians since she was 3 years old. At present her village is setting up for a festive, snowy Christmas scene, with a great selection of Christmas trees and even a snowman that Phoebe made herself.

Sylvanian Families Grand Department store

 Stella rabbit looks out from the balcony of the Grand Department store. We'll take a little tour around to see what else is happening right now in this Sylvania.


Sylvanian Families Ambulance

Oh no.... an accident!

Oops! What's happened to Abigail Hedgehog! Luckily there's a Sylvanian ambulance on hand to rush her to the local hospital!

Sylvanian Families hospital scene

And here she's arrived at the Seville Grove Sylvanian Cottage hospital. Fortunately there is the wonderful Dr Brown (Phoebe's name for her Dr bear) to attend to any medical problems. No need to look so worried, Mrs Bramble. Dr Brown will take care of it!


 School time

Sylvanian Families School

Some days it's hard work being a teacher! At least Mr Slydale Honey Fox finds it so, when he's giving a lecture about Britain and trying to keep sleepy children focused and awake. 

Phoebe's creations

Sylvanian Families Phoebe's pictures

The Walnut Squirrel twins enjoying playtime on their living room rug (specially designed and knitted by Phoebe)

Sylvanian Families nursery friends Koala Tailbury

Rally Farthing dog and Adelaide Outback koala are wearing nursery bags which Phoebe made out of sculpey clay.

Sylvanian Families Knitting blanket

Phoebe's knitted blanket fits perfectly over the Marshmallow mouse triplets keeping them warm at night.

Sylvanian Families Meerkat knitting ball of wool

Beatrice Spotter meerkat and Laurel Heathwood Mouse help display the progress of a blue rug, that Phoebe is in the process of knitting, that eventually will used in one of the baby's rooms.
Well, it's always fun to see what's happening over in someone else's Sylvania and there's certainly a lot of fun going on here.
Thankyou for the visit there, Phoebe and we love all your creative additions. That's what makes Sylvania so wonderful. There's no end to what you can create and imagine to make your own unique village.