Bread Bread, Fresh Bread!

Sylvanian FAmilies Bread shop bakery
Welcome to the Bakery!
We're just loving all these miniature bakery items that are arriving in store. 
Perfect for creating your own bread stall. 
Dollshouse miniature bakery bread items food
Sylvanian Families running bakery stall
Baguettes, buns, loaves, bread twists and more!
Sylvanian FAmilies serving in bakery loaves bread buns
Sylvanian FAmilies Specialty store bread food accessories
Here's a little picnic basket full of bread treats too
Dollshouse miniature basket bread treats
One of my favourite is this tiny glass cloche. I've placed some of the buns inside it to make a great display
Sylvanian Families dollshouse miniature cloche
So much variety! Even icing buns on a plate!
Sylvanian Families Butterglove rabbit buns
We sell bread pieces in lots of 10 as seen below
Dollshouse miniature lot of bread pieces
Visit the Bakery to pick up your bread here!
Sylvanian FAmlies selling bread bakery treats
Thanks for visiting. 
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What more is in store?
Sylvanian Families Specialty Store miniatures