Camping in Sylvania!

Sylvanian Families Camping
Why do we love to camp?We often go camping to ‘disconnect and reconnect’ with Mother Nature.  Sylvanian Families critters are Woodland Creatures at heart (and the word "Sylvan" means woodland) so it's quite understandable that they love to camp!

Sylvanian FAmilies Beaver Family camping

Camping for us is like stepping into a magical world and is the best way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and even Sylvanians love to take a little time out from living in the Town and their busy jobs to relax in the outdoors.

Sylvanian Families Caravan

The Sylvanian Families Caravan has long been considered the favourite camping getaway in Sylvania. It can be pulled by either the Red Saloon car or the Bluebell 7 seater vehicle.

But did you know there have been quite a few different camping sets in Sylvania over the years?

Sylvanian Families Camping Seaside set

The Sylvanian Families Seaside Camping set

is in the current Sylvanian catalogue


Sylvanian FAmilies Esme Camping

In previous years we've seen Esme's Camping set (above)

Sylvanian Families Ingrid Blackberry's Camping set

Ingrid Blackberry's Camping set (above)

Sylvanian Families Tomy Baden and Mikaela Renard Camping set

Or if we go back to the Tomy Sylvanian Families days there was the adorable Renard Fox brother and sister in the Baden and Mikaela's Camping set (as seen above)

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Sylvanian Families night time camping

Night time camping out with the Seaside Camping set


Did you know that the first Sylvanian Families Camper van to be released was yellow? This version is quite hard to find now

Sylvanian FAmilies Yellow Camper van rare

Later came the Green version, which is occasionally still available today

Sylvanian FAmilies Green Camper van

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Sylvanian Famlies Green Tent camping set vintage

Sylvanian FAmilies Mulberry Motorcycle Grandparents camping

As you can see Sylvanians love camping indeed!

Sylvanian Families Camping in the outback

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