Christmas Elf Accessories

Find some great ideas for Christmas Elf displays in our


Introduce a new baby elf to your household this year
Baby Elves - Choose from Red or Green
Christmas baby elf naughty shelfREd Christmas baby elf to put on shelf
We also have a great collection of handmade Christmas Elf hair clips, made by Sam in Dalby

Christmas Elf Hair Clips and Hair Accessories

Over 30 different Christmas and Elf Accessory Styles available
Christmas Elf hair clips
Christmas Elf accessories hair clips

Fun accessories to add to your Elf displays

Christmas Elf crochet handmade stocking

A hand crocheted Stocking to fill and hang for your Elf. Won't he be thrilled to find he hasn't been forgotten!

The letters home in wood


Elf christmas and his santa teddy bear

Book of Etiquette for elves

Elf workshop sign

Elf and rubber ducks

Elf and wooden wheelbarrow

Elf and cheese cake bell accessories

Christmas elf and miniature wishing well

Elf speeding camera

A Speeding Camera with flashing light and sound to catch that naught elf! 



We also stock handcrafted wands and brooms for elves

Elf on handmade broomstick


Christmas elf magic flying on broomstick