Christmas Stocking Stuffer ideas for age 5 to 12 years

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Sylvanian Families giant Christmas stocking
With over 500 items in Sylvanian Families Specialty Store we've got plenty of great stocking stuffer ideas. 
Sylvanian Families Christmas night before Chrsitmas
From Sylvanian Families Blind Bags to miniature items, handcrafted locally made items and hair accessories, we've got all your stocking stuffer requirements covered in one place.
Postage is only $9.90 for any amount of items

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Sylvanian Families chihuahua dog baby

Sylvanian Families baby figures

Sylvanian FAmilies blind bags

Sylvanian Families Blind bags figures with an accessory. Choose a random mystery bag, or choose your specific figure


 Christmas and Elf hair accessories

All kinds of Christmas and Elf themed hair accessories


Sylvanian FAmilies Santa Christmas tree

A variety of miniature Christmas trees


Miniature dollshouse teddy bears

Miniature dollshouse Teddy bears


Sylvanian Families accessory set

Various Sylvanian Families accessory sets


Sylvanian Families individual figures town series

Individual Sylvanian Families figures

Miniature toy castle

A miniature Toy castle for the toys


Miniature doll baby in swaddling

Minature toy dolls in swaddling

Elves behavin badly Santa key

We have a whole range of Elves Behavin Badly items you can add to your stocking

Hand crochet miniature christmas stocking

Hand Crochet Miniature stocking. This is great to pop a gift card or voucher into

There is much much more too. 

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