Christmas Trees for Sylvanians - with a DIY difference!

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

Sylvanian Families Christmas tree pine cone red deer

What is Christmas in Sylvania without a Christmas tree!

It's not always easy to find the perfect Christmas tree, just the right size, the look you are wanting to achieve, decorated or undecorated.
In the past there have been limited edition Sylvanian Families Christmas sets, which have included a Christmas tree, but these are often hard to find.

So why not Do It Yourself!

Enjoy these fabulous creative ideas for your Sylvanian Families Christmas decor. There are so many items readily available at home and you'll see how simple it is to use them to make your perfect tree.


Miniature Christmas tree DIY made of cupcake wrappers

^^Christmas trees made from cupcake and patty tin liners!^^

There's always plenty of colourful Christmas-y cupcake papers around at this time of year. What a great idea!



Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas DIY craft miniature Christmas trees

^^How about raiding the craft box and making one of these trees!^^

Pompoms, string and buttons or pipecleaners

DIY craft Christmas tree fabric and bows

^^This one might take a little  more time, but what a lovely effect.^^

Embossed card flowers from the dollar shop and bows glued onto a cone.

Christmas time in miniature tree craft

^^So clever and simple to do.^^

One clever crafter has used string and decorated with paper snowflakes. 

Christmas time Christmas trees DIY craft

^^I love the effect of these paper trees!^^

Folded paper and gold beads to decorate creates this pretty festive look.

DIY craft paper Christmas trees

^^Wow! A few easy folds of cardboard and here you have a Christmas forest to surround your Sylvania!^^

It would look great as Christmas table decor too.

 Sylvanian Families Christmas pine cone Christmas trees

^^Pine cones fit right in with the Christmas theme^^

There seems to be so many ways to decorate them!

Modern miniature Christmas tree made of wood

^^And why not go wood!? ^^

Sylvania means woodland afterall.

DIY christmas tree music theme

^^This might just be the perfect musical Christmas tree for your Sylvanian school music room.^^

Simply a popsicle stick and music notes attached.

DIY table decor Christmas trees

^^How are your folding and cutting skills?^^

I can just imagine a whole forest around your Sylvanian village of these Christmas trees made from a piece of paper.

Christmas trees from fabric, ribbons and lollies

^^I love these! Add some amazing colour to your village this Christmas.^^ 

Using leftover ribbons or even mint lollies. How about this Christmas tree that you can eat after all the fun!

Miniature Christmas tree from tissue paper

^^A-tissue! A-tissue! How lovely is this!^^

At Christmas time there's always plenty of green tissue paper around. These trees look quite luxurious!

Christmas tabletop decor mini Christmas trees DIY craft

^^Wow! Which one to choose?^^

There is so much creativity in this picture, from wooden turned pieces, to cardboard and string. I can just see these trees playing a part in a nativity scene.

Sylvanian Families enjoying christmas tree

^^A cone covered in fabric and decorated with fine tinsel and beads.^^

Decorating is more than half the fun.

Miniature musical Christmas tree decorated

^^Paper again. So simple, yet so creative.^^

The artist has used music sheets here, but you could use any book, magazine or newspaper just as effectively.

 DIY Christmas tree made of pages

^^Another amazing idea recycling pages from an old book.^^

Create your own "leaves" on a Christmas tree from page leaves, then add a touch of glitter for some glamour.

Christmas tree funny made of bills

^^Festive fun with receipts.^^

Or it might give a measure of satisfaction to create your Sylvanian village Christmas tree out of the receipts from all the Sylvanian Families you've had to purchase for this Christmas! At least you would know just where to find them if you needed them later on!

Creative miniature Christmas tree ideas

^^Soft fabric curled into leaves looks beautiful.^^

It even gave me the idea to glue real leaves onto a cone, for a similar effect.

Christmas tree made of leaves miniature

^^A bay leaf Christmas tree^^

These dried bay leaves from the pantry create a lovely vintage, old world Christmas tree look for your Sylvanian village.

Christmas tree for dollshouse miniature made of leaves

^^Going leafy green^^

Use freshly-picked green leaves if you're after a very realistic looking Christmas tree.


And finally.... the Broccoli Christmas tree

Christmas tree made of broccoli

10/10 for creativity with this one. It looks quite real, however I just don't know if the kids would appreciate this one at Sylvanian Christmas time!

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