COVID-19 UPDATE - Postage Times and Parcel Safety

Sylvanian Families postman set




Postage Times 

As we are doing our part in staying home, mail will be picked up from home twice per week. There may be a slight delay in usual delivery times. Also Australia Post and Courier companies are dealing with a higher volume of deliveries than usual, so this may affect your delivery time.



Sylvanian Specialty Store is a small home-based online-only store. We have always worked from home. We are not open to the public, and items are only packaged by one person (myself). As we have been staying at home, we can assure you the items you receive inside your package have been handled and stored in the most hygienic manner possible. However, once in the postal system, as packages are handled at various points throughout the postage or courier system, we would suggest giving the outer carton a wipe down (or else to leave it to sit for 24 hours) before opening the outer box or satchel. This is only mentioned as a precaution.