The Miniature Christmas Tree Skirt - and a brief history of Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree skirts for the most part have not really been a Christmas tradition in Australia, but that's definitely changing. In recent years Christmas tree skirts have become quite a popular addition to festive decor and a wide variety of tree skirts are now found in Australia each season.
For those who love decorating their Doll house for Christmas we've found the perfect little miniature Christmas Tree Skirt.  
I've always thought of Christmas Tree Skirts as an American tradition, as it's something my friends from the States usually have.  But, on looking up the history of tree skirts, I was surprised to find that they are likely to have originated in Germany!
The history books suggest that the tree skirt came into being in the 1870s in Germany where they were used in a very basic form to collect hot wax which dripped from candles which were lit on real Christmas trees. It later centuries, as Christmas traditions evolved, a tree skirt took on more of a decorative nature. It helped hide any unsightly base or legs of the tree.  If you had a real fir Christmas tree, it helped collect the fallen pine needles.  Artificial trees shed too and it made it handy to gather up all the sheddings in one place.
Doll house Miniature Christmas tree skirt
This Christmas scene in images is a dollhouse scale 1:12 miniature. The tree is about 15 cm high and the miniature red and gold fabric tree skirt is approximately 12 cm in diameter.  It's perfect for adorning your very own miniature Christmas diorama.