COFFEE TIME! - Australia's unique coffee-themed Miniature Collection - only 1 to 3 cm high

Dollhouse Miniature Coffee theme accessories australia
Dollhouse miniature Coffee Accessories
The Miniature Barista will be quite delighted. At last there is a Miniature Coffee Collection in Australia!
Miniaturist Coffee time
This adorable Italian-style Stove top coffee pot comes in 3 parts.
The base and top sit together and the lid sits on top.
Dollhouse miniature italian coffee pot
Coffee goes without saying, but the question is.... which miniature coffee?
There are three lovely styles in store
Dollhouse miniature barista coffee in cup
The coffee Miniaturist's dream... it will sit on the tip of your finger!
Dollhouse miniature coffee cups
Dollhouse miniature Coffee Collection Australia
And, of course, it's not just the coffee. You need a few treats to accompany it... 
Will if be chocolate crunchy biscuits today?
Dollhouse miniature coffee and treats biscuits
Or jam drops? 
There are plenty of miniature baking accessories in store too in our
Dollhouse miniature jam drops and kitchen baking day
It's always TIME for coffee!
Coffee Time Tea Time alarm clock biscuits coffee
Many of the accessories seen in the background of images are available in store too - See them in our All Miniatures Collection
Dollhouse miniature accessories