Dollshouse miniature Blue accessories

Dollshouse miniature blue ceramic items
This past year we've had quite a few of our lovely customers asking about BLUE Dollshouse miniatures accessories. 
This inspired us to go on a worldwide search for lovely blue accessories, perfect to add to any Dollshouse. This resulted in our store's 
Jugs, Bowls,
Vases, Plates, Tea Sets, Garden pots
Even Quill pots and Potty's
There isn't much that doesn't come in a lovely shade of blue
Sylvanian Families are our main focus in store, but we also source miniature accessories that are just the right size for Sylvanian displays as well.  
Most of the Crockery and Pots, etc in our Blue Miniatures Collection are made of ceramic or of fine porcelain and hand-painted.
All our dollshouse miniature accessories are 1:12 scale and are usually photographed in a scene alongside a Sylvanian Figure so that you can see how they fit in size and how they look in a scene. 
As we sell each ceramic piece individually in our Dollshouse Miniatures collection, you could easily make up your own dinner set from the various pieces we sell. Below Mr Bear is recovering after his dinner party for 30 people. Phew! Do you know that feeling?
Of course, its always wise to point out, that Dollshouse miniature's are not intended to be toys, even though they very much look like they could be.  Sylvanian Families toys and accessories pass strict safety standard tests to be suitable for age 3+. Meanwhile dollshouse miniature items are not subject to these same age standards and as many can be made of wood, ceramic, porcelain etc.  If mishandled they could be easily break. So care should be taken not to add these to a small child's play toys. Our dollshouse miniature items, for the most part, come with an age rating of 14+ years old. 


This adorable little Coffee Grinder and Pot in our Blue Collection is from the Reutter's Porcelain Range that we stock. These are fine porcelain made in Germany and hand painted with 24 karat gold.

Reutters Porcelain Blue onion set


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