Tiny Takeaways - KFC, Chips and Soft drinks

Miniature Takeaways are the latest tiny treats to arrive in store.
These are simply amazing. Look at the little ice-cubes!
Miniature dollshouse Kentucky Fried chicken chips coca cola pepsi
While we recommend a healthy diet for your Sylvanians, a miniature fast food treat once in a while won't go amiss!
Items are fixed onto trays, so there is no chance of losing little pieces. These items are in 1:12 miniature scale dollshouse accessories.

 Dollshouse miniature Kentucky fried chicken and Sylvanian mouse

The tray measures approximately 4.5 cm in length

Dollshouse miniature sandwich and chips
These items are not intended to be toys. They would be ideal for an adult collector to add to a Sylvanian scene or diorama.
Sylvanian Families Takeaway restaurant food bar
Looks like there's some treats about to be served up in the Sylvanian Kitchen Restaurant.
Syvlanian Kitchen restaurant takeaways in miniature
The fine detail in these miniature items is amazing. 
Miniature dollshouse tray of fast food chips burger roll
So realistic looking that it's making me hungry
Dollshouse miniature coke and chips
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