An Ode to Freya's Red Dress

The most famous dress in Sylvania!  

Freya's dress arrived on the scene in 2008 with the arrival of the Chocolate Rabbit Family in Sylvania.

Freya quickly became the most recognisable face in Sylvania - in her ever-present red and white spotted dress with lace trim

 Enjoy our fun tribute to Freya's dress below


"That Little Red Spotty Dress"

Sylvanian Families Freya Chocolate Rabbit Red Dress Wardrobe

A wardrobe full of red spotty dresses!?
Well, Freya needs them, as you'll see,
Bet you thought there was only one
Worn for every activity!
Well, One is needed for outdoor fun
Like fishing trips with Coco,
Sylvanian Families Fishing expedition Sylvania
One more too for berry picking,
And strawberry stains won't show!
Sylvanian Families Berry picking adventure
A third to wear to art,
Paint daubs, grass stains won't matter
Sylvanian FAmilies art work artists
Good thing these dresses wash well,
It's covered in flour and batter!
Sylvanian Families Baking in the kitchen
On Sylvania's Market Garden day
The village is a busy place
Sylvanian Families Ornate Garden Shop
But Freya will stand out no doubt,
In her red spotted dress with lace.
Sylvanian Families Market scene market day
At dance lesson she hangs up her dress,
Wears a ballet tutu instead

Sylvanian Families ballet dancing Freya

 But at home too tired to change
She wears this dress to bed!
Sylvanian Families Freya in bed
It's an all-weather dress this gown
Rain storm, clouds or sun...
Sylvanian Families Rainy Day
Just throw on a cosy cape
Seasons wardrobe change is done!
Sylvanian Families Red Dress in snow winter
On Halloween if Freya wants
A costume very well known
She doesn't even have to change
She just wears her own!
Sylvanian Families Halloween go as Freya
Since arriving in 2008
You became the brand's face,
Sylvanian Families freya's red dress poem
Wearing your now famous red dress
With spots and trimmed with lace.
Sylvanian FAmilies Wood work creating DIY tools
Oh, Freya, we know that sometimes,
You may like a change of gear,
But at least no need to wonder
what you are going to wear!
Sylvanian FAmilies Freya's red dress