Fun at the Sylvanian Baby Ropeway Park

The latest fun in Sylvanian is the Baby Ropeway Park
Sylvanian Families Baby Ropeway park
Swing through the trees with Baby Ropeway Park. Pull the end of the rope left or right and watch Milk Rabbit Baby ride the gondola. There is an adventure playground under the trees.
See the little gondola seat that any Sylvanian baby can ride in...
Sylvanian FAmilies gondola ride park
Sylvanian Ropeway park ride
This Baby Ropeway set can be combined with other Sylvanian Families sets
See below what all is included in this set:
Baby Ropeway Sylvanian FAmilies
Includes: Milk Rabbit Baby, Main Unit Left Part, Main Unit Centre Part, Main Unit Right Part, Gondola, Rope (a total of 4 pieces).
2020 brings so much fun to Sylvania! See all the of the baby park series sets below. We will be stocking many of these in our store in 2020.
Here is the matching Sylvanian Families Adventure Treehouse. 
Sylvanian families Adventure treehouse