Gardening in Sylvania: Trees, Fences, Plants and more

The name Sylvania comes from the world "Sylvan" which means "in the woods"

To me, the word "Sylvania" conjures up a leafy, green place, where my favourite characters live - schools, hospitals, town buildings, but always at the edge a woodland to escape to.

This picture photographed by @Sylvanako perfectly sums up it up perfectly!

Sylvanako Sylvanian Families photography woodland scene

 At Sylvanian Specialty Store we've put together a collection of Trees and other outdoor accessories such as fences, plants etc so that you to can create your own Sylvanian setting. 

There are no full size trees in the Sylvanian Families collection, but we have sourced these excellent quality Collecta brand Trees (made of durable vinyl) which, as you can see, are just the right height for a Sylvanian Families scene.

Harry Spotter Meerkat and Herbage Dappledawn rabbit are playing a round of golf in their backyard.

On the left you see the Collecta Coconut Palm Tree and on the right is the Ginkgo Biloba Tree

The Log Fence is also available in our Garden and Outdoor accessories collection

Sylvanian Families Trees Garden Golfing

Grandpa Tailbury has a break from golf, reading his paper under the shade of the Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Sylvanian Families Grandpa Golfer reads paper under a tree

In the shade of the swaying coconut palms...
There is a Sylvanian beach party going on! Don't you love the Bento boxes (psst.. these will be in store very soon!)
If you love beach scenes and have several seaside-themed Sylvanian sets, then these Coconut Palms are just the best! 


Sylvanian Families under coconut palms tropical beach party bento box

Oh so tropical! Another peek at our beach party! Cool drinks, a Sushi platter and Coconut Palms... what more could you Sylvanians wish for this summer!

Sylvanian Families sushi on the beach

Oh dear! The only problem with trees, is that things can get stuck up there sometimes!!! Fortunately Herbage Dappledawn has a ladder handy!

Sylvanian Families tree in garden

We have a great selection of Collecta fences in store too.
This lovely white fence is one of the Collecta range. Ideal for a playground or fencing your cottage garden. The Coconut palm is on the left and the Ginkgo Biloba Tree on the right.

Sylvanian Families Cow and bear playing in garden White fence


Breakfast on the beach! What a relaxing morning for Mrs McBurrows (the mole) and Velvette Slydale (fox)


The Coconut Palm is Collecta - See our Trees in store here

Sylvanian Families Fox and Mole Breakfast  miniature platter on beach

Looks like they must be staying at the Sylvanian Resort!

The adorable breakfast tray set will be in store shortly too. Please ask, if interested, as it is available, but not placed online yet.

 Here's a Sylvanian Families Playground scene (actually, it is a vintage Calico Critters Wooden Playground)

The Coconut Palm tree and the Ginkgo Biloba tree make up the background.

The white fence surrounds the playground and is available in our

Sylvanian Families Garden and Outdoors collection

Sylvanian Families Calico Critters Backyard Playground set

That's all the Sylvanian Outdoor scenes we have to add for now, but we'll add more images as they become available. 

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