The Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents are back in Australia to visit Sylvanian!

Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents

 Grandfather Rhys and Grandmother Patricia
You know that feeling as a kid, when you haven't seen your grandparents for a while and then they come to visit. And suddenly the air is filled with family chatter, laughter and excitement.
Well, that's a little bit what it's been like in Sylvania. There have been no Sylvanian Families Grandparents of late, since the Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents officially "retired" ( and that's not just retired to go on the pension, but retired from the entire Sylvanian range!)
We're so glad that Grandpa Rhys and Grandma Patricia decided to come out of retirement.
 Grandparents are the perfect blend of love, laughter, and happy memories.

Rhys Chocolate is the captain of the Seaside Cruiser, and lives at the Sea Breeze Cape. He travelled to many different places on the cruiser when he was young. He gives tours of famous places around the Sea Breeze Cape, and tells lots of good stories to the visitors. 

Patricia Chocolate lives at the Sea Breeze Cape and her hobby is snorkelling. She often gives parties on the cruiser. Her husband Rhys gave her a special handmade pearl necklace that she wears everyday.

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