Haunted Halloween Sylvanian fun!

Halloween comes to Sylvania

with this latest 2019 limited edition set

Sylvanian Families Halloween Playhouse set 2019

Nearly every year Sylvanian Families introduces a new Halloween set, just in time for some Sylvanian trick and treating.

And this year's set is the Halloween Playhouse set. Meant to look cute’n’spooky, it will bring plenty of fun to Sylvania for the baby figures. The playhouse door opens both ways, so the cute little Sylvanian Halloween ghost can have fun disappearing and reappearing just as suddenly!


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Sylvanian Families Halloween Limited edition set

What does the set contain?

Sylvanian Families Halloween set limited edition

There's one super cute baby chocolate rabbit as a witch, and one baby striped cat as a ghost, a darling little haunted house and witches broom.


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Value for money!

This set is great value, as you receive not only one Halloween baby figure, but two!
The pumpkins are super cute (these are fixed at the front entrance of the house and the little house chimney is a leaning witch’s hat! 

Sylvanian FAmilies Halloween haunted cottage

Above is the back view of the playhouse 

As you'll see by the above picture, the playhouse is not very wide. It's really just a playhouse front step, but no room behind the frontage. You wouldn't be able to place furniture it it, or use it as a room or "home" for Sylvanians. But it's a great fun play set.

Matching Playhouses

This set is now available at the same time as the 2019 Limited Edition Christmas playhouse. As you'll see, the Christmas Playhouse is very similar to the Halloween playhouse. They make a great pair.

Sylvanian Families Christmas playhouse


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