McDonalds Happy Meal Bear Toys 1990- like Sylvanian Families

Did you know that back in 1999 McDonalds sold flocked bear figures with their Happy Meals (The meals were known back then as McDonald's Value meals)

These were similar to Sylvanian Families (which were extremely popular at that time in the 1990's) in that they were flocked and were also animals wearing removable clothing, had names, etc. However, the McDonalds bears are quite are taller by 1 to 4 cms than the Sylvanian figures.  Also their facial features and shape is quite different. Anyone familiar with Sylvanian Families would recognise immediately that they are not Sylvanian branded.

Sylvanian Families similar McDonalds bear bridal couple vintage




There were a quite a few to collect, as  you'll see by the chart below. They came in pairs, often following a theme, such as Goodnight bears (wearing dressing gowns) or Wedding Bears (in bridal costume) etc. The clothing was fairly simple and figures didn't have specially made accessories or furniture, unlike their Sylvanian counterparts.  Often sellers confuse these with Sylvanian Families, but they’re not and occasionally you’ll see them on Ebay or buy sells, being advertised incorrectly as "Sylvanian" as most non-collector's would see them as the same type of item.


 Chart of McDonalds Happy Meal bears 1990s


Though similar, they are a limited edition collectible item in their own right. Have you ever come across these?

McDonalds happy meal bears like Sylvanian Families

Below is an example of how were packaged in the 1990's. You would receive one with your happy meal back in the day. Can't you just imagine the excitement of wondering which bear you were going to receive this time at McDonalds, and whether you would make up your "pair"? I dare say there was a fair amount of swapping with friends, as there were no online marketplaces to sell, trade or swap items back then!

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Sylvanian FAmilies Bears vintage McDonalds toys

Often these still show up on toy buy sells. It's important to note that these are definitely not Sylvanian Families, and ideally shouldn't be sold as such. These are a collectible item in their own right. Although vintage and perhaps collectible to some people, there is very little market for these today and the value is generally quite low. 


Sylvanian Families similar brand bears McDonalds toys


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