Miniature Apothecary Dioramas - a growing trend in Dollhouse scenes

What is Apothecary style? 

Apothecary decor is a growing trend, both in real life and in miniature. It's an enchanting world of earthy decor combined with an apothecary aesthetic.

This style of diorama has been increasingly popular in the last couple of years, so much so that we've added a whole Miniature Apothecary Collection to our Dollhouse Accessories



 The apothecary decorating trend offers a spin on cottagecore or fairy cottage style


Make your own apothecary diorama on a bookshelf, or a miniature magical scene in a book nook. You could use all kinds of exteriors to create own version of a mini apothecary: A dis-used lantern found in the shed, an old wooden crate, a dark wooden cabinet converted to a miniature apothecary shoppe. 

We have an ever-growing collection of miniature accessories to add to your apothcary scene. Broomsticks, witches hats, potion bottles and crates. Even spooky looking branches to set the mood. 










Apothecary style is a fusion of earthy, vintage elements with a dramatic and moody edge. Think moss-covered cottages deep in the woods! Bunches of herbs and spices and garlic hanging from the roof. A cauldron bubbling away on a stone-surrounded fireplace. Shelves lined with dark coloured bottles.