Miniature flowers in pots - Amazing detail!

We have in some more adorable little potplants in various colours, as well as fern plants. 

Miniature dollshouse pot plant pink purple

These are so realistic and well made. 
Sylvanian FAmilies Garden trees
Miniature flower potplant thailand polymer clay 1:12
These are sized at 1:12 scale and are ideal for additions to a Sylvanian Families scene or other dollshouse miniature diorama.
Here they are below in a flower market stall scene. With several placed together these are stunning
Sylvanian FAmilies market day
Ferns and cycads too!
Miniature dollshouse fern cycad
Gardens trees in minaiture
 So many shades of pink!
Pink flowers dollshouse miniature Sylvanian Families
I'm rather partial to the anthirium. Which is your favourite?
Dollshouse minaiture Anthirium red flower potplant 1:12 scale
And if purple is your favourite colour, then there's plenty of purple to be pleased about too...
Purple potplant flower miniature
Sylvanian FAmilies treess gardens
A spot of sunshiine for your miniature table with this yellow potplant
Yellow flower in pot dollshouse miniature Sylvanian Families
Due to the delicate nature of these items (they are handmade from polymer clay and baked, then painted) these are definitely an adult collector's item and are not recommended to be used as a toy. If dropped these could break. 
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