Miniature Sylvanian Families - So tiny, So cute!

Did you know that Sylvanian Families have also produced mini Sylvanian figures over the years? These are often known as Kabaya or Gashapon sets.

Sylvanian Families Miniature figures


Sylvanian Families Kabaya and miniature minifigures

These miniature have never been released in sets in Australia, but could be called a Japanese exclusive Sylvanian Families item, as they are only released on the retail market in Japan.
The Sylvanian Kabaya range was first launched in Japan in 1999. It is a range of much smaller, unflocked plastic Sylvanian figures and miniature replica buildings. Sometimes they come with small candy sweets included in the box.
Usually the complete building is divided into 4 parts and each box contains 1 part of the building. You need to buy all 4 boxes (numbered 1 - 4) in order to complete the building, although each "room"  comes with it's own little mini figure and accessories and this can be used alone too.
Sylvanian Families Kabaya sets minifigures minihouses 


For example you one box may contain an upper part of Beechwood Hall with a bedroom, furniture and figure. The next box contain a lower part of Beechwood Hall with a kitchen, tiny accessories and a figure etc.  If you collect all four boxes you can then put your 4 pieces together and make up the complete building, with all rooms furnished and inhabited by 4 little mini-figures.

Sylvanian Families Mini rooms kabaya sets

 The family sets generally consist of the two parents, a sister figure and a baby. 

Sylvanian Families Kabaya and miniature minifigures

A new themed series each year

Every year the miniature kabaya sets are released with a new theme, often relating to the current Sylvanian Families full-sized homes, shops or sets that have recently been released on the market. For example, when the Watermill Bakery was released, a miniature Watermill bakery themed Pocket Collection was released too.

Sylvanian Families Watermill bakery pocket collection miniatureSylvanian Families Watermill bakery pocket collection carry case

Similarly a Forest Nursery miniature set was released in 2011, complete with a tiny little yellow Nursery bus, a replica of the much-loved nursery bus that was on sale in stores at that time.

Sylvanian Families Nursery School series kabaya

And a Courtyard Restaurant mini set of the Sylvanian Families Courtyard Restaurant in 2012

Sylvanian FAmilies Courtyard Restaurant kabaya mini series

Sylvanian Families Kabaya and miniature minifigures

Rarity of sets

As these Kabaya sets are limited edition, a particular set from a previous series can sometimes be hard to find and after the series for that year is sold out, they usually become a very collectible item. The best idea is to purchase them when they series is first released, when they are more commonly available. Trying to find a particular limited edition set from some years back can end up being a very expensive exercise.
It is seldom that you will see a re-release of any particular series, although on rare occasions there has been.

Sylvanian Families Toy shop kabaya miniature set rare

Sylvanian Families Kabaya and miniature minifigures

Fun things to do with your Sylvanian Families Minifigures

Being so tiny in size, it's easy to fit a few mini Sylvanians in your pocket for some fun jaunt out on the town! Here they are popping up at the local icecream parlour.

Sylvanian Families miniature figures and icecream sundae

Here's just one fun way to use Sylvanian Families miniatures - create your own toy shop with a few mini figures on the shelves

Sylvanian Families Toymaker Miniature house shop stocktake day

Sylvanian Families Kabaya and miniature minifigures

Quite an army of miniature Sylvanians!

Sylvanian Families army of mini figures

Mrs Sparkle is keeping the mini figures in order today!
The Rabbit, Silk cat and Milk rabbit figures are quite common and can be purchased individually.
Other miniature figures such as squirrels, striped cats, chiffon dogs etc are less common and are generally only able to be purchased with a set.
Sylvanian Families Kabaya and miniature minifigures
Sylvanian FAmilies miniature figures 2 cm to 3 cm high

You could even create your own miniature school (see below)

Sylvanian Families Sparkle rabbit teacher and school of minifigures


Sylvanian FAmilies Miniature figures

Miniature figures measure between 2 cm and 3.5cm high

Sylvanian Families Kabaya and miniature minifigures

 In the near future there wil be an article published in our store blog, with photos submitted by Sylvanian collectors, showing how they place their Sylvanian mini-figures. If you have mini-figures and would like to submit your photos, please do contact us (either by our Facebook page or sending an email) and we would love to share your pictures in the article too.


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