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Reutter Porcelain

Reutter porcelain are miniature items handmade in Germany. Their miniature creations are the perfect addition to your dollshouse, miniature scene or classic setting.  All items that we stock at Sylvanian Specialty Store are 1:12 scale. 

 Reutter porcelain miniature samovar

M.W. Reutter is a family run business, who have been producing exquisitely made miniatures, tableware, souvenirs and much more for over 70 years. You'll notice that their porcelain work has a distinct European touch to them: Samovars, Chocolate fondues, Beer steins and Gluhwein pots and adorable miniature items that are central to life in Europe. 

Reutter porcelain miniature blue onion crockery Australia

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Their miniatures are manufactured in detail-rich and affectionate manual work. Each piece is touched by hand up to 17 times during the manufacturing process and lovingly worked on step by step until it radiates the classic Reutter flair. During this process, each object is cast, glazed, painted and fired three times until it reaches its final shape.


This Black Miniature stove would look perfect in a vintage styled dollhouse scene! The detail is amazing!

Reutter Porcelain Black vintage miniature dollhouse stove

 Their Christmas Collection is just gorgeous. We hope to have these in before the end of this year in time for Christmas. If there are any items you see here but can't find in store, please ask via the Contact Us button below and we can keep one aside for you when they arrive. 

Reutters porcelain miniature Gluhwein pot

Miniature dollshouse porcelain Nativity set

Miniature Christmas porcelain handpainted vases

Skilled workmanship and attention to detail give their miniatures that special Reutter look. Many of their gold-trimmed porcelain pieces are hand painted with 24k gold and fired at 800°C (1470°F).   All Reutter miniatures are carefully made by hand with the greatest care.  

Miniature dollhouse scene beer keg wine barrel 

The collection wouldn't be complete without a miniature Peter Rabbit set

Miniature Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter dollhouse tea set

Miniature Peter Rabbit breakfast porcelain ceramic set dollhouse

What could be more perfect for a Woodland themed miniature house, than a Black Forest cuckoo clock?

Miniature dollhouse Black Forest Cuckoo clock

Mmm! The Chocolate Fondue miniature set below. So realistic looking that I'm now wishing I could enjoy a fondue!!

Reutter porcelain miniature chocolate fondue set

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Reutter Porcelain Germany dollhouse scale miniatures

This product is made to scale and not intended to be used by children under 14 years old.

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