Review and Comparison of Latest Furniture Sets

Sylvanian Families Furniture sets review

Review and Comparison of the new release Sylvanian Families Furniture Sets

The latest newly packaged Furniture sets on Sale for $23.90

Have you noticed some of the new Sylvanian Families Furniture sets appearing on store shelves and online stores in Australia lately?

The first thing you notice is the packaging - it's different! 

And second and maybe most notable thing, is they are considerably cheaper than Sylvanian Families Furniture sets we’ve seen in the past.

Cheaper Sylvanian Families!

Does this mean Sylvanian Families are becoming more affordable?

This is definitely a plus factor for most people.  Even though we adults often secretly love those furry little creatures as much as our children do, it’s the creatures living quarters, furniture requirements and ever-expanding lifestyle that tend to blow the Sylvanian budget! 

Many a mum recalls herself thinking at the beginning, "We’ll just buy a Beechwood Hall and that should see them through."  We only realise belatedly, how much furniture these Sylvanian creatures require to adequately fill every nook and cranny of their deceptively spacious little homes! 

Neither did we bargain on rabbits and squirrels in clothing being so social!  They need School Music sets, Nursery party sets, Birthday party sets, their own personal Waiter too! 

And don't start on their appetites!  Donut shops, Pizza Delivery, Lolly carts and Hot dog vans that simply have to be purchased too! Demanding little creatures! You'd almost think Sylvanians had a sense of entitlement!

And now Sylvanian Families have suddenly come down in price! Is this Good news!?

Well, that’s what we’re going to explore. However, you’ll see that its not necessarily cheaper, but the new release is a pared down version of what you were purchasing before.  

Sylvanian Families Review and comparison of Furniture sets

The Baby Nursery Set – SF 5288 -  NEW RELEASE  - which now sells for $23.90 to $26.90 in many stores

Compared to:

The Baby Room Set – SF 5036 - previous release – which retails at around $29 to $36 online.

At first glance this set looks exactly the same, just different packaging.

But look a little closer. There are several items not included

Sylvanian Families Review


  • The Baby Wardrobe
  • Wardrobe clothes hangers
  • 2 x Baby outfits
  • A cute lemon coloured baby swaddle
  • A pull along duck toy
  • The play mat 
  • a couple of little toy accessories


So the set is essentially the same, however there is 1 large furniture item missing and 8 or 9 other baby-related items less than the previous this set.

And the new set with less accessories is approximately $6 to $10 cheaper.

So, in essence the set is not really cheaper, but there is less included, although there’s certainly everything that is required to delight a young collector and meet the Sylvanian baby's needs.

There's no sacrifice on quality, only quantity.

If you're a Sylvanian minimalist, then the set is ideal!

It’s definitely more affordable, if you don’t mind a little less of those detailed Sylvanian extras. But if it's the little things that count - then maybe the previous version is your set!

A brief summary of the 4 other new Furniture sets

The Country Bathroom Set

The Classic Kitchen Set

The Living Room and TV Set

The Bedroom and Vanity Set


The Country Bathroom Set - SF 5286

Sylvanian Families New Country Bathroom set SF 5286

In the latest release of the Country Bathroom set most items are still present. You get your bath with telephone pole hose set and your toilet and vanity and plenty of little bathroom accessories

However, absent from this set is the bathroom divider, which acted as a wall divider between the toilet and bath. See below.

A list of items from the previous Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom set that are no longer included:


(This image is of the Bathroom Dividing wall, cabinet, bath mat, slipper and potplant that are no longer included in the new set)

Sylvanian Families Bathroom Divider

  • Wall Divider
  • Bathroom cabinet
  • Slippers
  • fluffy bathmat
  • yellow rubber ducky (awww! My favourite part)
  • bath towel and matching head towel

But still everything you need and more for a Sylvanian Bathroom and Toilet

On Sale Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom Set



The New Sylvanian Families Bedroom and Vanity Set - SF 5285

Sylvanian Families Bedroom and Vanity set

A comparison between the new and previous Bedroom Sets

Sylvanian FAmilies Bedroom and Vanity REVIEW

 The New Sylvanian Families Bedroom and Vanity Set is really quite good value. 

There are quite a few differences from the previous bedroom set, ie, you no longer have a writing desk or piano, but they have been replaced with other bedroom furniture pieces. Also there are lots of great little accessories added into this set, which weren't part of it previously.

Points of Comparison

  • The Bed and Bedding remains the same
  • The cute little mini dollshouse is still part of this set!
  • No piano or piano seat 
  • New in this set is the Vanity unit and vanity stool, which comes with dozens of cute accessories like a pink hairdryer, a tray of perfume and lotion bottles etc, which weren't in the previous set
  • No writing desk or desk lamp
  • New in this set is a side cupboard and a low table.
  • Also added in is a plate of cookies, a hairbrush, hairbow and yellow box. 
  • No longer in the set are a pair of pyjamas, 2 books, a waste paper basket and calendar

Summary - Apart from the Bed and bedding this set is quite different from the previous set, however there it's great value with a lot of fun bedroom accessories included.

Another suggestion -  If you have plenty of room in your Sylvanian bedroom space,  and were wanting the best of both sets, you could purchase both the new and old sets and combine them into a double bedroom, as you will have two matching beds and bed covers. All items will complement one another with the pink-toned theme.


The Living Room and TV Set - SF 5287

Sylvanian Families Living room and TV set

We can review the new green Sylvanian Families Living Room and TV set, but it's not really a set that can be compared to others, as the lovely, new, green coloured lounge suite is a new addition to Sylvania and hasn't been seen in previous sets. 

However we can compare the amount of accessories available in the new Living Room set, compared to previous living room sets and see how they price together.

In this set you receive:

  • A Green 2 seater settee
  • 2 x Green armchairs
  • 1 x coffee table
  • 2 x white cushions
  • 1 x picture for on the wall
  • 1 x wall lamp
  • 1 x Deluxe Light up Television set with 4 screens
  • 1 x magazine rack
  • 1 x lace tablecloth
  • 1 x photo frame
  • 2 x paper magazines
  • 1 x pink bowl

So as you can see there's plenty in this set, which is priced in stores at $23.90 to $29.90 currently 

On Sale in Sylvanian Specialty Store for $23.90

Sylvanian Families new Green living room lounge

Let's compare this, say, to the Sylvanian Families 3 piece Suite, seen below

Sylvanian Families 3 Piece Suite On Sale

Sylvanian Families 3 piece living room set

The Sylvanian Families 3 piece suite also contains the same furniture configuration. 

1 x 2 seater settee

2 x single Armchairs

1 x coffee table

2 x cushions

1 x bowl with removeable flowers

But there is no Deluxe TV included in the red and white floral 3 Piece Lounge set. Also missing are the magazine rack, bowl, wall picture and wall lamp, photo frame and cloth.

However you do receive a bowl with flowers in the Sylvanian Families 3 piece suite.

The 3 piece suite is definitely cheaper, and retails between $19.90 and $25, however if you had to purchase a Deluxe TV set to add to the set, it would cost around $14.90 to $17.90 for an individual Deluxe TV.

So this new Sylvanian Families Living Room and TV set certainly comes out as a winner in this comparison! It's great value, and saves you having to purchase your own TV!


Sylvanian Families New Classic Kitchen Set - SF 5289

And lastly, let's look at the new Sylvanian Families Classic Kitchen set, compared to the previous and still available Sylvanian Families Country Kitchen Set

Sylvanian Families Classic Kitchen Set SF 5289

This new Classic Kitchen Set is looking great. There's an oven, a fridge, a kitchen sink and lots of little accessories. However, on closer inspection, there are some gains and some losses.

The New Sylvanian Classic Kitchen set includes a Fridge, whereas the Sylvanian Families Country Kitchen didn't.

The kitchen sink remains the same

The Oven is still there, but now it's black, not white.

Many of the little kitchen accessories are still present, such as the green food basket, food items, knife and chopping board and flour bin.


A Comparison of accessories in the new Sylvanian Families Classic Kitchen and The previous Sylvanian Families Country Kitchen set

Sylvanian FAmilies Review of Classic Kitchen set

So while you gain a fridge, meaning you aren't required to spend another $15 to $17 extra to purchase your own fridge, you do sacrifice a few little items, which were part of the previous set, and now no longer included in the New Classic Kitchen set

  • No kitchen table and chairs (perhaps the biggest disadvantage)
  • No sideboard cupboard to store crockery and pots etc
  • No green cups and teapot set
  • No yellow saucepan and stirring spoon
  • No salt and pepper pots
  • No black baking tray with removable cakes


So there are quite a few items missing, and if you purchase the new Sylvanian Families Classic Kitchen set, you won't need to purchase a Fridge, however you will need to purchase a Table and chairs set

You will gain extra food items, which come with the Refridgerator. 

So this new Sylvanian Families Classic Kitchen set is great value, but it comes down to a matter of preference and which accessories you would choose.


We hope you enjoyed our Review and Comparison and please feel free to add your thoughts, comments or any questions you have in the comments below

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