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At Sylvanian Specialty Store we also stock a great selection of Dollshouse Miniature accessories. 
What's more fun that shopping for your accessories by theme?
In real life a blue-themed decor is so relaxing and peaceful. Several of our lovely customers were asking about blue miniature accessories, so we put together a Dollshouse Miniature BLUE COLLECTION of accessories
Dollshouse miniature Australia Blue Collection

Dollshouse Miniature Blue Collection

Everything for the blue-themed home: jugs, vases, serving dishes, cooking pots, quill pots and potty's... and so much more. 
We source our items from as far abroad as USA, UK, Germany and Thailand and some handmade here in Australia. 

Easter Theme

This year we added an Easter Theme to our Dollshouse Miniatures. Of course, you can buy from this Collection all year round, and many of the items are suitable for Dollshouse Miniature any time of year.
Our most popular themed Collection is 

The Christmas Dollshouse Miniature Collection.

Collector's love to create their own Christmas scenes. So do many Sylvanian Families Collector's. You can shop from this Collection all year round also, however we tend to restock items and bring in our new accessories from July onwards, so keep checking back!
All our dollshouse miniature accessories are 1:12 scale and are usually photographed in a scene alongside a Sylvanian Figure so that you can see how they fit in size and how they look in a scene. 

Pots and Vases Collection

Are you looking for a particular type of pot or vase? Stoneware? Yellow? Blue? Modern or rustic? Shop in our collection of vases, pots, bowls etc. Lots of lovely ceramic and porcelain items

Food and Drink Miniature Accessories

Dollhouse miniature bread accessories
And there's always lots of lovely food and drink Dollshouse miniature accessories in store. Visit the Food Accessories Collection
Of course, its always wise to point out, that Dollshouse miniature's are not intended to be toys, even though they very much look like they could be.  Sylvanian Families toys and accessories pass strict safety standard tests to be suitable for age 3+. Meanwhile dollshouse miniature items are not subject to these same age standards and as many can be made of wood, ceramic, porcelain etc.  If mishandled they could be easily break. So care should be taken not to add these to a small child's play toys. Our dollshouse miniature items, for the most part, come with an age rating of 14+ years old. 


European themed Dollshouse miniature accessories

If you're looking for European Themed accessories you might like to visit our 

Reutter's Porcelain collection. These are fine porcelain items handmade in Germany with a distinctive touch of Europe

Cuckoo Clocks, Samovar sets, Coffee pots and Fondue sets. These are beautifully made

Reutters Porcelain Blue onion set


House and Home Accessories

And there's plenty in store to decorate your Dollshouse with. Think of rugs, kitchenware, scales, canisters, brooms and buckets and baskets galore.

There's plenty in store to make your Dollshouse homely!

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