Sports in Sylvania

Well, we have to give it to those Sylvanians.... they sure are an active bunch.

We've enjoyed digging out a few classic Sylvanian Families sporting glory moments from the archives of Sylvanian history to share with you.

Sylvanian Families Athletics Carnival

From Sylvanian Families backyard Soccer games to a Sylvanian Families Winter Olympics - there's an activity to suit every critter!

Sylvanian Families soccer mad

Baby Creme Chocolate Rabbit toots half time on her trumpet at the local soccer game! ... And just when Ralph Walnut was about to score a goal!!!

Sylvanian Families sports

Oh well, the second half goes better! Goal by Christopher Marshmallow mouse.... or is it a save by Piers Petite bear???

Sylvanian Families horse jumping gymkhana pony set

Do you remember Sylvania's Kirstie Hamilton and her showjumping horse, Jester?  Together they've been practicing daily for the upcoming Sylvanian Games. Kirstie is ready for the big event in her red show jacket and riding hat.

Sylvanian Families School Sports Day team

Wow! Look at this Sylvanian relay in progress! Don't drop the baton, will you!

Sylvanian Families Medal winners Gold Silver Bronze

Joanne Springer kangaroo has her moment of glory on the athletics podium, after all a kangaroo has rather an advantage in being able to bounce over the Finish Line!


Sylvanian Families soccer game dribbling

To be a great soccer team it takes plenty of practice and dedicated training, especially practicing how to dribble the ball.

Sylvanian Families hurdles race

And Buddy Fenton Labrador takes the lead in the hurdles race! Keep your eyes ahead of you, Buddy and don't trip just before the Finish Line!

Sylvanian FAmilies red deer family sports moment

Ooof! Freddie Buckley lands on the high jump mat. Well done, Freddie! That was nearly a personal best!

Sylvanian Families Shot put team

Freddie Buckley is the shot putting champ at the Sylvanian Country School Athletics day.

Sylvanian FAmilies rollerblading

The Grand hotel has such a fabulous entrance way that it's just perfect for Sylvanians to rollerskate there after school!

Sylvanian Families Fox bike ride

Puff puff! Don't go too fast, Ralph! We're all trying to keep up. An idyllic afternoon for a bike ride.

Sylvanian Families Swimming pair olympics

Bertie & Bella Patches are ready for the games to begin! They have been swimming since they were just pups, and now the time has come to show just how strong swimmers they have become.

And when they're not at the pool, they love nothing more than splashing around at the beach!

Sylvanian Families Calico critters Seaside swimming adventure

There's nothing like a good basketball game to keep the kids active

Sylvanian Families Basketball game

 Which of course needs a few good cheerleaders! Rah Rah Rah!

Sylvanian Families Cheerleaders

Gymnastics is also one of the Sylvanian girls favourite activities

Sylvanian Families Gymnastics

Judy Darwin monkey has really got her vaulting routine down to a fine art.

Syvlanian FAmilies Gymnastics vault Judy Darwin

And you should see how confident she is on the balance beam. That's taken hours of practice though, we might add.

Sylvanian Families Gymnastics balance beam

Anyone up for a game of tennis?

Sylvanian Families tennis game

And beach badminton in summer is a great hit with the Blackberry rabbit family, when they're not surfing!

Sylvanian Families Blackberry rabbit volleyball

And it's not just the kids in Sylvania who are keeping actively healthy. Grandpa Roland Tailbury dog plays golf in his retirement! It's great cardio-vascular activity at any age!

Sylvanian Families Grandfather Golfing set playing golf

And now we take you to

 Winter sports

some snaps from Winter sporting moments of the past in Sylvania's around the world!


Sylvanian Families Winter sports sledding and carnival

It's a blustery day up there atop the snow field, but the Sylvanian skiiers, sledders and skaters are ready for some action!

Sylvanian Families Winter olympics Sochi Russia

The Korean Sylvanian Families Sports pose after competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, 2014


Sylvanian Families Figure Skating Sochi Winter Olympics

The Korea figure skating champion at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Sylvanian Families kite flying

Kiteflying in winter is a favourite activity amongst the Sylvanian kids. It gets them out the house, enjoying the crisp Sylvanian winter air and puts some colour in their cheeks!

Sylvanian Families Winter sport set

 Or try toboganning! Pulling those two around can be tiring!

Sylvanian families skidoo ski set

And when it starts snowing, then the Sylvanian's Skidoo gets going!


So as you can see there is plenty of action happening in Sylvania! Every day is a great chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air and their favourite sport


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