Sylvanian Families Birthday Party Ideas


Easy Sylvanian Families Party ideas

Are you looking for Sylvanian Families Birthday Party ideas that are simple, yet effective, and don't cost the earth?
Mum’s are often asking for Sylvanian Families party ideas, so we’ve put together a collection of ideas from Sylvanian fans around the world, that are simple, achievable and will be sure to give you some Sylvanian inspiration too.

Let’s start with the Invitations!

This is where a party begins, and the invitation sets the entire theme of the birthday. You can invite your guests in Sylvanian style with a choice of 5 different invitation styles. 

Click on the Invitation of your choice below to download the Pdf. These can be printed on stock card, or even on A4 paper if you prefer. If printing on plain A4 paper, one suggestion is to paste the invitation onto a piece of  backing card

(4 invitations per page) 




Sylvanian Families Bunting 


Don't you love this Sylvanian Families bunting from a birthday party in Holland?

Bunting is always a great way to add a festive air to any party. Below are several Sylvanian Families Bunting Printables. Click on the Printable to Download as a PDF.

A colour printer is required for this. Alternatively, you can print out Black and White colouring pages of Sylvanian Families, have fun colouring them in and cut out to fit as a Make-your-own-Bunting.


Sylvanian Printables Galore!

And wait! There’s more yet! There’s cake toppers, fold up boxes and printable loot bags too!  Click on the pictures to Download a PDF

 Cake Toppers

Handy Tip!  Easiest Sylvanian cake toppers….
Ask at your local toy store for a Sylvanian Families catalogue. Cut out favourite figures or scenes, paste onto cardboard circles and place on toothpicks to stand upright, or can be placed flat on top of cupcakes for decoration.

If your little helper wants to add to the creativity and excitement of planning the party, print out smaller size Sylvanian figures to be coloured in by the party girl herself. Once they're colourful and arty, Mum can cut the figures out and tape onto toothpicks or skewers to be used for decorations.


Cake ideas

When you look up Sylvanian cake ideas on Pinterest, it can be a little daunting. There are so many creative ideas out there. But not all of us have the Cake decorating skills of Sylvania's Mrs Cakebread Poodle the Patissiere!
Here are some fantastic ideas for that easy-to-make Sylvanian cake! And it might give your inspiration for your own cake decorating idea, and if so, we hope you come back here and share it with us.


If you're struggling for time to make a Sylvanian themed birthday cupcake tower, this delightful creation is by Cass from  Sugar Coated Anarchy in Bondi, NSW, who will be only to happy to create this fun super yummy Sylvanian scene for you!

And from Fitzbirch Craft Facebook page this genius cake idea, using the Sylvanian Families Paddling Pool and Sandpit set, with it's well placed accessories as part of the cake décor!  Not only does the Paddling Pool work as an adorable and easy cake idea, but afterwards can be part of the "gifts" adding to the Birthday girl's collection.

How about this easy as can be Cake idea? It can double up as a Cake, as well as a surprise Sylvanian present for a birthday gift.



And we love this idea from Fiona in Tasmania! Did you know that the Sylvanian Ballerina's come on a plastic stand? This can be placed as a cake topper and keep your ballerina’s feet pristine. Simply clean down the stand afterwards.

The ballerina's foot stand keeps the figures clean while standing on the cake icing.


Table Decorations

A Sylvanian-loving friend from Holland recently held a Sylvanian Families themed birthday for her 5 year old. See her cute and easy table cut out décor ideas.

Easy to make Sylvanian Families cut out figures.
Find some high-resolution Sylvanian figure pictures (try the official Sylvanian website) and print them out on good quality paper.
Glue the picture to sturdy cardboard backing and when dry, cut out to the shape of the figure. So simple, and aren't they adorable! I suspect most party guests would want to take one home!


Paper Popcorn boxes from the $2 store taped to the back make a great stand for the figures. 

(Thanks to Bloem in Holland, for sharing her daughter's birthday party decoration ideas!)

Table Layouts

A Sylvanian Families themed table layout sets off the whole theme of your party.
for their gorgeous Sylvanian theme table setting below and other great party theme ideas.


Beechwood hall with balloons!
If you have Sylvanian Families cottages, then why not work them into the table setting or décor with stunning effect, just as
has done so creatively here. Balloons tied onto a Sylvanian cottage for a fabulous outdoor or indoor effect.

Do you have the
Sylvanian Families Air Ship?
Wouldn’t it make a fantastic table piece?

Don’t forget a pile of cardboard animal masks near the entrance, for guests to choose one as they arrive!


 Sylvanian Woodland Theme

 Did you know that the word "Sylvanian" comes from the word "Sylvan", which means "Woodland"? And a Woodland Setting, perfect for Sylvanian Families, can be very simply created.

Use what you have outdoors - Leaves, Branches, twigs, decorate a tree! 

For dozens of too-easy Woodland theme ideas see our

 Sylvanian Specialty Store Party Ideas Pinterest page


Game Ideas and Activities 

 How about reenacting the Sylvanian Families Sports Day Set?
Good old-fashioned sack races, egg and spoon races.

D.I.Y. Sylvanian Croquet

Colouring In Activity Station

Why not have a Sylvanian Families Colouring in station? There are oodles of Sylvanian Families colouring pages available online. Simply google “Sylvanian Families colouring pages” and take your pick.
Sylvanian name Guessing Contest
Guess the name of the Sylvanian figures – a prize for who gets it right.
A Balloon piñata. You could place Sylvanian figures in the basket and hang it from a tree.
Sylvanian Families Cupcake Decorating Fun.
Provide each child with a plain cupcake, and a plate of decorations to make their own Sylvanian Cupcake - icing, sprinkles, smarties, marshmallows and a variety of different colourful shaped sweets. Fox, Hedgehog, Sheep, Mouse or Cat?  See who can make the best Sylvanian animal face! And Afterwards it's great fun guessing exactly who is each other's Sylvanian cupcake?!



Sylvanian Families snack ideas

Lots of cute and simple snack ideas to suit the Sylvanian theme. So easy you’ll wonder why you never thought of it! Check out out Sylvanian Specialty Store Pinterest Page for Party Snack ideas

  • Sylvanian Hedgehog Watermelon or Cupcakes
  • Twig snacks - A dish of stick shaped Pretzels
  • Edible fruit mushrooms made of strawberries and marshmallows
  • An owl shape platter of veggie and kabana snacks
  • Campfire sandwich scrolls
  • Acorn balls with pretzels
  • The ideas are endless, and easy to do.

 Loot bags

Here is a peek at one of the Sylvanian Families Loot Bags from my friend in Holland's daughter's birthday

Other Loot Bag Ideas

Sylvanian Famililes Blind Bags

Sylvanian Families Loot Bags Birthday Party Blind bags

At my daughter's recent 10th Birthday party we created the easiest ever party loot bags, each one contain a mystery Sylvanian Families blind bag. So much fun, excitement and even some swapping happened and very affordable!

Sylvanian Families Blind Bag Mystery packs can be found here


Check out our Sylvanian Families for some great

small Sylvanian gift ideas.


 We hope you've got bucket loads of Sylvanian Families Inspiration now and this will help you in planning your Sylvanian Birthday Party.
Wishing you much fun while planning
And a Very Happy Day!

If you have any further great Sylvanian Families Party Theme ideas, leave a comment below and you may be featured in this article too.


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