Sylvanian Families Christmas Scenes

I love Christmas, and especially Sylvanian Families Christmas.
One of my favourite parts of running Sylvanian Families Specialty Store is setting up Christmas scenes for photography

Sylvanian Famlies Christmas Santa outside Beechwood Hall

 Trees, garlands and holly for outdoors. These can be used indoors for Christmas decorations too. 

This year, for the first time, we became a stockist of Streets Ahead Dollshouse miniatures, and they stock the most adorable little Christmas accessories, just the right size for Sylvanians.
See Mr Meerkat's dilemma, of what to choose at the Christmas feast!

Sylvanian Families Christmas banquet


Thank goodness there's a few healthy options on the menu for the Sylvanians this year!

Sylvanian Families Salads


The Stuffed Turkey looks like it's ready!

Sylvanian Families Christmas turkey

Some of these handmade miniatures are from Thailand and look so real! It makes me hungry just looking at them!

There's even a healthy option this year - salads, a cold meat platter and a fruit platter too. Our store is catering to every Sylvanian diet this year.

Meat platter miniature

And a miniature scale fruit platter, of course. It looks delectable!

Miniature dollshouse fruit platter realistic

Not forgetting the staple.  No meal in Sylvania is complete without bread! Loaves, baguettes and pretzels too.

Miniature Dollshouse bread set

Just sometimes you need a little Champagne to get you in the Christmas spirit

Sylvanian Families Santa and Champagne

But not too much!

Santa looks properly done in! And you'll see why in the pictures below....

Sylvanian Families Santa sleeping

Getting a sackful of gifts down the chimney can be plain hard work!

 Santa duties sometimes don't go all that smoothly...

Sylvanian FAmlies Santa sack full of Christmas gifts

But once the sack-down-the-chimney dilemma is solved....

There are presents galore!!

Sylvanian Families beagle dog and gifts

And many more - even in adorable monochrome

Sylvanian Families Santa Claus and presents

And there'll be some delighted Sylvanian young ones

Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas

And the desserts this Christmas are to die for!  Mrs Milk Rabbit you have outdone yourself this year!Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit and Christmas dessert pudding

These are just some of our fabulous miniatures we stock this year.

Take a festive look through our Christmas miniatures collection

Christmas in Sylvania

Please note, that most of these Christmas accessories are not Sylvanian Families items, therefore are not suitable for age 3+, but rather are considered an adult collector's item.

Sylvanian Christmas

Besides our festive Christmas accessories, we also stock many other Dollshouse miniature items, which are great for adding to scenes, such as shop scenes, for the home or just for fun!

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