Sylvanian Families Christmas Sets

Sylvanian Families Santa and Babies set Rare

Sylvanian Families Santa's

Christmas is coming around in Sylvania again...! Did you know there were so many Sylvanian Families Santa's over the years?
There have been quite a few more special release festive sets released over the years and we have quite a collection of them at Sylvanian Specialty Store
Let's have a festive scroll through and try to decide which Santa make the best Sylvanian Father Christmas of all!

The Father Christmas and Tree Set - (2006)

This wonderful festive set features Father Christmas with everything he needs to make it the best Sylvanian Families Chrismas ever! Whilst everyone else is sleeping Santa will be one busy bear delivering to all of the children so that they have presents under their tree on Christmas morning.Sylvanian Families Father Christmas Bear and Tree setOne interesting feature about this set is that the  promotional pictures released by Sylvanian Families in 2006 and the picture on the box show a one-toned Brown Bear in the Petite Bear mould. However, when the sets were released all sets came with a Brown bear in the Marmalade Bear mould (with a teardrop shape around it's muzzle).
Sylvanian FAmilies Santa and christmas tree

Sylvanian Families Christmas Party Set -  Ref 2235

You'll love this Santa's soft, snowy, white beard!
This set is now quite hard to find. It's a beautiful set, featuring a Chocolate Rabbit Dad as Santa and a lovely tree with decorations for you to decorate it however you choose.
Sylvanian Families Rabbit Santa Christmas party set
And the celebrations don't stop there. It also comes with a Party set complete with cake, party hat and all the accessories you need to make a Sylvanian Families Christmas special. By the way, Father Christmas's beard is removable, so he doesn't have to play Santa all year round:)
Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas Party set

Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride

This Sylvanian Families Christmas Baby Sleigh Ride set just proves that Sylvanian Families are getting cuter by the set!
Just hear those sleigh bells jingle with this adorable Christmas set. Milo Cakebread is all dressed-up as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, while the part of Santa is being played by Henry Periwinkle. Climb aboard the sleigh, load up all the toys and presents, and Christmas here we come!
Sylvanian Families Sleigh Set with REindeer baby babies

Calico Critters Christmas Santa and babies Set - Limited Edition from USA - 2010

This gorgeous very hard to find Christmas Set was released by Calico Critters in USA in 2012.

Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas Set Beagle Santa and Christmas Babies

It features a Sylvanian Families Beagle Santa with a baby deer and rabbit, 3 figures in total and Christmas accessories. Sylvanian Famlies are distributed under the brand name of Calico Critters in USA and Canada.

The Cottontail Baby Rabbit Santa Set

This set features boy and girl Cottontail  rabbit dresses up as Baby Santa's will melt your heart!
This is a Limited Edition set from the Japanese Sylvanian Families range.
Sylvanian FAmilies Cottontail Rabbit Baby Santas
What a Merry Christmas to find any of these gorgeous Sylvanian Families Christmas sets under your tree! You're welcome to see them all and other festive occasions in our