Sylvanian Families Christmas Sets - Handcrafted!

Sylvanian Families Christmas is coming
Christmas is Coming again - Sylvanian-style!
Every year we love to bring you something special for your Sylvanians at Christmas time...
and this year it's special indeed.

Hand-crocheted Christmas Costumes for your Sylvanian Families!

Sylvanian Families Christmas Costumes for the whole family

See Below the adorable Christmas Tree and Baby Christmas costume

Sylvanian Families Christmas tree and costume

Crocheted Dress for Sylvanian Families Mother Christmas

Sylvanian Families Mother Christmas

Even Brother Milk rabbit is ready for Christmas too. Note the cutest crochet wreath that comes with the brother's costume.

Sylvanian Families Brother Christmas set with wreath

And what about the Sister Sylvanian! 

See these beautifully handcrafted Christmas sets for Sylvanians in store now

Sylvanian Families in Christmas costumes
These Christmas costumes do not include figures.
Sylvanian Families FAther Christmas
Sylvanian FAmilies Sleigh Ride Reindeer and Santa