Sylvanian Families Connectable Buildings - Which buildings connect?

Sylvanian Families - How to Connect your Buildings

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall

Connecting Sylvanian Families buildings - a way to build your own Sylvanian village.

Many of the current range of Sylvanian Families buildings have been designed to connect, which is a great way to create your own unique town.

There are two ways to "connect" your buildings - either horizontally or vertically. Not all Sylvanian buildings or sets are connectable, but there are a great many of the current range of Sylvanian Families homes and shops that do. So let's have a look at what you can do.

Connecting buildings horizontally

Some can be place horizontally, such as the Toy Shop and Sweets Store which can be connected alongside the Supermarket, the Dress Shop and other buildings, for a town-like landscape effect.
Note that each shop has a detachable footpath sidewalk,
so that when shops are placed horizontally alongside one another
it makes one continuous footpath for your Sylvanian villagers.

Connecting Buildings Vertically

The Brick Oven Bakery, with the Sylvanian Families Boutique stacked vertically above and the Country Clinic alongside.
Others can be connected vertically. As a general guideline, any of the open square top buildings have a ledge that other similar shaped buildings can be stacked on, such as:
  • the Sylvanian Families Supermarket
  • the Sylvanian Families Boutique
  • The Country Clinic
  • The Brick Oven Bakery
  • The Dress Shop (which is harder to find nowadays)
  • The Hamburger Restaurant
  • Blackcurrant Restaurant (UK - now retired and hard to find)
  • The Country Tree School Main Building
  • The Seaside Cruiser
  • The Forest Nursery
  • The Seaside Restaurant 


The Sylvanian Families Supermarket, with Toy Shop above and Sweets Store alongside

Connecting Sylvanian Homes with Other Sylvanian Buildings

There are three main Sylvanian homes from the current range that are designed to connect with other Sylvanian buildings - Beechwood Hall, Cosy Cottage and Cedar Terrace. As these are current Sylvanian buildings still sold today, it is likely you will own one of these three homes and below we demonstrate various ways these buildings are inter-connectable.

Beechwood Hall

Beechwood Hall, with the Hamburger Restaurant and Cedar Terrace above the Hamburger Restaurant.

 Another variation: Beechwood Hall with the Sylvanian Families Boutique

Beechwood Hall connected to the Sylvanian Families Willow Hall Conservatory


 And there's more! Beechwood Hall looks great alongside the Brick Oven Bakery, which has a Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage stacked above.

Have your ever considered this connecting combination? Beechwood Hall connected to the Sylvanian Families Seaside Restaurant?


And to save running late for that morning bus, why not connect the Sylvanian Families Country Tree School to Beechwood Hall in various ways?


Above is Maple Manor (a UK released building, which is similar to Beechwood Hall displaying a different connection with the Country Tree School.

 Beechwood Hall, The Country Tree School and the Sylvanian Families Cozy Cottage added on too!

 Sylvanian Families current range of buildings offer so many connectable variations.

Cosy Cottage

Cosy Cottage is probably the most commonly owned Sylvanian Families home in Australia. So let's connect it up with your other favourite shops and buildings and see what it looks like!
The Sylvanian Families Supermarket and Cosy Cottage stacked above. Handy if you run out of milk - just run downstairs!



The Sylvanian Families Country Clinic as a base and Cosy Cottage above. However, as you will notice, the Country Clinic has a round top, rather than square, so Cosy Cottage will only balance on top, not slot into a ledge, as it does with other square topped buildings.


The Sylvanian Families Brick Oven Bakery with Cosy Cottage

And here is the Sylvanian Families Boutique with Cosy Cottage connected.

I wouldn't have thought of this one, would you? Cosy Cottage would make a fabulous holiday home, connected to the Sylvanian Families Seaside Cruiser


And the beautiful new Sylvanian Families Village Cake Shop which has just arrived in Australia looks lovely with Cosy Cottage above.



Cedar Terrace

Let's move on to the Sylvanian Families Cedar Terrace with it's elegant 3 storey's. Connected to buildings below, your Sylvanian townscape will tower! But what a great look!



Cedar Terrace above the Supermarket
Loving the colour scheme of the Hamburger Restaurant connected to Cedar Terrace!

The current Sylvanian Families Boutique with Cedar Terrace

The Sylvanian Families Seaside Restaurant with Cedar Terrace

The Seaside Cruiser

The Seaside Cruiser House Boat connects with all sorts of products from The Cosy Cottage Starter Home and Beechwood Hall, to the Seaside Restaurant, Forest Nursery, Adventure Treasure Ship, Toy Shop, Canoe Set and even the Swan Boat Set.

The Seaside Restaurant with the Icecream Shop above, connecting to the Seaside Cruiser for a great beachside set up.

The Seaside Cruiser, with the Forest Nursery connected above, which creates the perfect parking place for the Sylvanian Families Nursery Bus.


And while we're thinking about the Forest Nursery, it's also compatible with the Country Tree School.

These are just some of the connection options. The possibilities are endless and I'm sure you can think of quite a few more ways to connect your own buildings too, to make your own unique Sylvania. And the great thing is, you can change it all around tomorrow for a completely different village effect.

Have fun connecting!


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