Sylvanian Families Costume Babies Voting Competition

2021 is the 35th anniversary of Sylvanian Families' global release.  
To celebrate, Sylvanian Families is holding an amazing Baby Costume Contest!
You get to vote! You can vote every day for a month and have your say in which adorable Costume Baby Pair you would love to see available.


The above link leads to the Sylvanian Families 35th Anniversary Global website.

Visit the Sylvanian Families 35th Anniversary website and scroll down the page a little until you see the 17 pairs of babies and click on your favourite. You can vote once every day.
Sylvanian Families Baby Voting Costume Competition 35th anniversary

Here all the babies have dressed up in fancy dress costumes
Some of the baby figures we haven't even seen yet in Australia yet in 2021, such as the husky, giraffe, penguin and fennec fox baby. Hopefully we'll have them sometime in the future!
Sylvanian Families Baby Costume Working Babies Elephant and Cat
Above is the Working Babies Set, dressed as the chef from the restaurant in the square and the cleaner who keeps the amusement park tidy. 

Vote for your favourite pair every day from 1st October to 31st October

 Sylvanian FAmilies Guardian Pair at the amusement park

This is Bran the Giraffe baby and Momo the Shiba Dog as the Entrance Guardians at the amusement park. A very important job!

The top 3 baby pairs with the most votes by the end of the month are to be introduced to the market!

Sylvanian Families Baking BAbies

Above are the Baked Sweet Babies - a baby bear and milk rabbit


Remember that none of these baby costume sets are available for purchase yet. Only the winners will be made available

Sylvanian Families Penguin baby and cat

How adorable - More Icecream babies! 

Kippie the penguin and the Maple cat baby. Kind of appropriate that a penguin baby love icecream, isn't it?

October 14: Half way through the contest there will be an announcement of which Costume babies are currently leading in votes

November 25: The final overall three favourites pairs will be announced


Enjoy voting in this fun Sylvanian Families Competition! And good luck with your choice winning!
This competition is run by the official Sylvanian Families Company and in no way affiliated or connected to our small business store. We are sharing details of the competition so that our store visitors can be aware of and enjoy the competition by voting too!
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