Sylvanian Families Cows, Sheep, Goats, Meerkats, Ducks and more....

2022 has been a spectacular year for Sylvanian Families Collector's.  

Not only have we been spoilt with the Sylvanian Families 35th anniversary re-release of the Buttercup Cow Family and the Spotter Meerkat Family, who were great favourites from the past, but we've also seen the reintroduction of other favourites. 

In 2020, Sylvanian Families held a special Voting competition. Fans could vote for their all time favourite figures and the top-voted figures would be released once again. 
Here they are below.


A set featuring the Duck triplets from Duck Family, the winners of the Sylvanian Families Election 2020!
Includes the Duck triplets in pastel-colour baby bonnets, plus a baby carriage for them to ride around in. All three triplets can fit into the baby carriage


The 35th anniversary re-release of the Meerkat Family previously introduced in the UK Sylvanian Families range. The set contains four figures and they are dressed much the same as the earlier years release.




 The Sheep Family set features the Sheep family, who took third place in the Sylvanian Family Election 2020, in all-new outfits!



The Sylvanian Families Brightfield Goat Family won 2nd place in the favourite figure voting competition. And here they are in 2022. Dressed differently, and Mr Brightfield has changed occupation and now needs his spectacles. He also no longer has a beard. So, a little different, but still the much-loved Goat family!



The 35th anniversary re-release of the Friesian Cow Family previously introduced in the UK Sylvanian Families range. The Butterfield Cow Family are much the same and haven't changed at bit. Even the same clothing!


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