Sylvanian Families Creamy Gelato shop - The most delicious Sylvanian set yet?

Sorbets? Gelato's? This set has it all.
I have just fallen in love with this latest Sylvanian Families creation - the all new Creamy Gelato shop
Sylvanian Families Creamy Gelato shop Town Series
The Gelato shop is run by Georgina Maples (from the all new Sylvanian Families Maple Scottish Fold Cat Family) who dreams up all the delicious flavours you can imagine. Of course, Theodore Maples, her Tram Driver husband, helps his wife’s Gelato shop along a little, by stopping his tram right outside her charming pale blue Gelataria. That’s a bit much temptation for most people! 
"Hello, Stella! How are you today?"
"Hi, and great thanks, Mrs Maples! It looks like you have some delicious new flavours"
Sylvanian Families Stella Chocolate Rabbit and the Gelato shop
"Yes, I've been experimenting with quite a few new flavours, Stella", said Mrs Maples. "This one is Chestnut Macaroon and that one is Chocolate Hazelnut Torte"
Sylvanian Families Gelato Shop Town Series
"They all look super delicious, but I think I'd love to try the Caramelised fruit waffle basket drizzled with chocolate marshmallow sauce, please? It sounds amazing"
Sylvanian Families Gelato shop menu at table Town Series
It didn't take Mrs Maples long to whip up the dessert and soon she placed a mouth watering plate of waffles before Stella
"Bon appetite! Enjoy!"
"Mrs Maples, this looks fantastic!" exclaimed Stella.
Sylvanian Families Gelato Shop desserts cakes miniature
Soon Stella tells all her friends about it, and it isn't long before half of the Sylvanian village are coming to the Gelato store to try out Mrs Maples' delectable new flavoured Gelato and Ice cream dishes.
Sylvanian Families Town Series street scene outside Gelato shop
Mrs Maples shop is a favourite in Sylvania, and it keeps her very busy, but every now and then Mrs Maples has time for a break.... and of course, she enjoys one of her own scoops of creamy Gelato.
Sylvanian Families Town Series Gelato shop Mrs Maples
But wait! There's more!

The set includes a lovely sky blue shop building, counter, table, and colourful gelatos. You can put the gelatos in cones. The shop building is neatly designed with gorgeous engravings. You can enlarge your shop space by using the ceiling board and the aisle board.

This lovely Creamy Gelato Shop is interchangeable with the Tram.

You can turn the tram into a gelato shop by putting the awnings and the fence of the Creamy Gelato Shop on the Ride Along Tram (sold separately). See the illustration of the Creamy Gelato combined with the Tram below

Sylvanian FAmilies Tram as the Gelato shop

Combine with other buildings in the Town series, such as the Grand Department Store and Delicious Restaurant to create your own townscape. You can also customise your building by replacing the fences and awnings included with the building (all sold separately).

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