Sylvanian Families Easter Sets - see the gorgeous new 2023 Easter Celebration Set

Join the Easter bunnies, Serena & Romeo Marguerite, as they lead the annual egg hunt. There are lots of colourful eggs to find, and when you crack open the pretty painted shells you’ll find tasty surprises inside. Everyone in Sylvania loves to join in the fun. 



Romeo is wearing his dashing lilac suit and matching hat while his sister Serena has an Easter dress in pretty pale yellow and green with matching beret. 

There are eggs to open and treats inside. What a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt there will be in Sylvania!

Everyone in Sylvania loves to join in the fun!

This brother and sister rabbit belong to the Marguerite Rabbit Family. The Marguerite Family were released as a Special Limited Edition set in 2021 in Australia, as part of the Sylvanian Families 35th anniversary celebration sets. Some of these may still be available in store at time in our Limited Edition Sylvanian Families Collection (depending on stock availability at the time)



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