Sylvanian Families experiencing the Great Big Outdoors!

Sylvanian Families Outback Adventure Australia Calico Critters

Boomerang Springer, the Aussie Outback Sylvanian postie.

Do you take your Sylvanian Families with you on holidays? Or even out in your own backyard?


Sylvanian Families Boomerang Springer Australian postman


Sylvanian Families always look great in natural outdoor settings


Sylvanian Families stop sign danger Calico Critters adventure

"STOP!" Rebecca Periwinkle Rabbit warns her class mates as she teeters on the edge of a dangerous mountain cliff!

TIP: To keep Sylvanian Figures feet from becoming discoloured while outdoors, you can cut paper to fit on the sole of their feet. 

Sylvanian Families Blackberry RAbbit Beagle outdoor adventure

Ingrid Blackberry and the little beagle boy navigate a fallen log as they cross the fast-flowing rapids!

Sylvanian Families Rowboat Canoe on the river

There's nothing like a gentle paddle up the river at sunset for Katie Darwin Monkey and her brother Simion.

TIP: A very shallow area of water, (as in this picture) is ideal for a water scene, where the boat is touching the bottom so can't tip over

Sylvanian FAmilies camping under the stars Calico Critters

Camping at night under the stars

(tip: As we only had 1 Sylvanian sleeping bag we used a boy's sock for Harry Beagle's) 

Sylvanian FAmiles Campfire camping outdoors

A real miniature campfire! But be Fire-Safety Aware!

Sylvanian Families Kangaroo Outback Australia mountain side

About to visit a mine!

TIP: Sylvanian Families photos usually turn out better when taken in the shade, rather than full sunlight or dappled light

Sylvanian Families exploring underground

There’s always plenty of places to explore, even caves where you might find long lost relics from the prehistoric stone-age Sylvania era!


Sylvanian FAmilies Stonehenge

Archeology loving Patrick Petite, the Headmaster at the Sylvanian Village School discovers the Stonehenge of Sylvania.

Sylvanian Famillies opal caves outback Queensland

Exploring the great rocky canyon!

TIP:  Outdoor adventures are ideal for figures that already have a little wear on them. It's not advisable to use vintage figures that are hard to replace in outdoor settings in case of accidental damage.

Sylvanian FAmilies Abseiling on rock face

A bit of a cliffhanger! Hold on to that sheer rockface, Ingrid Blackberry!

Sylvanian Families Motorcycle with sidecar outdoors Calico Critters

Sylvania's George and Mildred Mulberry Racoon are a pair of  Grandparents who are always up for an outdoor adventure!

However, George is sometimes not quite so certain when it's his speed demon wife who's got her hand on the throttle!

Sylvanian Families Mulberry white pandas rare campfire

Ahhhh... time to relax! A campfire never goes amiss

Photography Tip: Take your photos from ground-level, eye to eye with your Sylvanian figures for more realistic scenes)

Sylvanian Families Campfire in the outback man from Snowy River

Nothing like a bit of Australian bush poetry around the fire. Boomerang Springer recites "The Roo from Snowy River"

TIP: Pack a few little Sylvanian accessories with you in a ziplock bag to add to the scene)

Sylvanian FAmilies taking a selfie

An outdoor selfie shot indeed!

(By the way, the mobile phone and selfie stick are not Sylvanian)

Sylvanian Families accident paramedic set  make a spare stretcher

Oh dear! Accident on the mountainside! Ingrid Blackberry sprains her ankle. 

Lucky help is on it's way!

Sylvanian Families exploring the jungle safari

Anywhere's a jungle for a Sylvanian! Even in your own backyard! But don't let them get lost!

TIP: Get creative and use what is available around you in photographs, making sure they fit to Sylvanian size scale for the best results

Sylvanian Families Australiana outback journey

 Ingrid Blackberry learns to play the Didgeridoo


We hope you've enjoyed these Outdoor Adventures as much as we enjoyed taking the photos!

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