Sylvanian Families Epoch Crema Fashion Design Competition

We're excited to share with you the amazing Fashion Designs that  Sylvanian Families fans have created in the recent "Epoch Create a Sylvanian Families Costume 2018" competiton held in Japan.


Epoch Celebrating 60 years!

Firstly, who is Epoch? They're the original Japanese company who came up with design and creation of Sylvanian families over 30 years ago.

Sylvanian Families were first created in 1985 in Japan, by Epoch, a company who were (and still are) predominantly known for producing computer games and videos.   In 1985 they branched out and designed a new line of woodland toys, who dressed and acted like human beings and called them Sylvanian Families. 

Sylvanian Families pink perfection

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, the Epoch company, in conjunction with Creema (a Japanese online marketplace similar to what we know as Etsy) held a nation-wide search for the best Sylvanian Families fashion designs. Japanese Sylvanian Families Fan Club members were encouraged to create their own unique fashion items for their Sylvanian Families mother, father, brother or sister figure. The result were stunning!!

Fashion Extravaganza - Sylvanian-style

Let's have a look at our favourite Sylvanians modelling some of these gorgeous creations... and then we'll introduce the winners! 

Stella rabbit - so demure, yet delectable in blue!  She models her fabulous outfit in the new Gelato Shop, and that blue bustle is so tasteful it deserves to have a gelato flavour named after it!

Sylvanian Families beautiful handmade dresses competition


The Milk rabbit mother in the Designer Boutique - pastel floral, frills and jewels! 

Sylvanian families entries in fashion show town series


Oh, the stylish tilt of that boat hat, Mrs Silk Cat! - What a treat in beige and blues, stripes and lace! 

Sylvanian FAmilies beautiful town dress costume handmade DIY


The Winners

...And now the Countdown to the amazing winning Designs...


In 3rd place, the Bronze Medal Winner.....

A royal Sylvanian Snow Princess indeed! This beautiful costume is a winter wonder and a work of art!   Have you ever seen such a glittering Sylvanian?

Sylvanian Families Sylvanian ice princess third prize fashion winner

 The Sylvanian Snow Princess - the 3rd place winner


2nd prize and a Silver medal winner....

Madame Silk Cat reminds me of a Sylvanian Southern belle, Scarlett O'Hara-style in her glorious ruffles, bows and lace trim. She didn't win 1st place, but i can just hear her sighin' "Oh well, Tomorrow is another day!" as she bustles off into the sunset to show Rhett her second prize.


Sylvanian Families Dress design fashion competition

 What an adorable 2nd place winner - chanelling Scarlett O'Hara Sylvanian-style

  Image result for first prize gold

And the Gold Medal Winner.... *****DRUMROLL*****

 Pure perfection in pristine white - the First prize entry!

So much detail in this gasp-worthy gorgeous bridal outfit - and wait till you see her Cindarella slippers!

 Sylvanian Families beaded bridal dress creation

Frothy and Fabulous, I'm sure Miss Porridge Bear would be Sylvanian bride of the year!

Sylvanian Families DIY brides dress gown

 Pearls and Lace - she looks quite angelic!

Sylvanian Families Wedding Bride and Groom

Ohhh those shoes! I've never seen any quite like them amongst my Sylvanian shoe sets! How about you?

Sylvanian Families Wedding shoes DIY

Aren't they just wonderful!  But, wait, there's more!

We can't stop there, so we'll share a few of the other favourites. There's too many for all to be published here, but these few just have to be shared.

Sylvanian Families entries in fashion show DIY create

 Miss Maple Cat  - in bonnet and bows!


 Sylvanian families amazing creations DIY fashion show

Lovely in Lavender!


Sylvanian FAmilies Dress competition Japan Epoch Creema

Pretty in pink is definitely one of my favourites.


Sylvanian Families Craft competition entries

Designer chic! A unique and interesting combination of houndstooth fabrics, mustard colour underskirt and laces - and what a cute brooch!

Sylvanian Families Dale Sheep mother in fashion gown costume

Mrs Dale's amazing matching handbag and pillbox hat.


Sylvaniain Families competiton Creema Epoch Japan 2018 anniversary celebration

Rich in blue and gold - Mrs Chocolate rabbit bears leaf-shaped emblems on her hat and bodice, which are, you must admit, very fitting for a Woodland creature.

Sylvanian Families costumes luxury beautiful

And finally, shopping in style in Sylvania!  Mrs Silk Cat's couture is reminiscent of an 18th century Balkan countess on a European winter shopping expedition! Hail that Troika, Your Highness!

Spectacular Effort

Well done to the talented winners in Japan for their amazing designs. And so many other entrants and their beautiful creations. Each and every one has taken a great deal of time, detail and imagination into creating their Sylvanian designer masterpiece. The judges had a very difficult choice to make.

Well, I just feel like I've been giving the fashion commentary at the Winter Fashion Show 2018! 

So do tell us which is your favourite or more than one if you find it hard to decide also? Please comment below.

These photographs and winning details were published on the Sylvanian Families Japan Official Facebook page.

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