Sylvanian Families Grandfather Clocks over the years

Sometimes we might wonder if we have found a Sylvanian Families vintage item from the 1980's, but often we'll find that collecting is a little more complicated than that.
Sylvanian Families have released several variations of sets over the years. Often items that are re-released at a later date will be very similar to previous releases, therefore it can be confusing for the collector.
Sylvanian Families Grandfather Clocks
All of the above grandfather clocks are Sylvanian Families original items. However, all four were released at different times. Some in the 1980's and others not until 2002 or later. 
You'll notice there are subtle variations in each: from colour, to the clock face sticker, but all have the same basic style. 
This happens with quite a few Sylvanian Families sets, including families of figures.
Maybe it's just to keep us on our toes!
Occasionally, when they come to hand, we stock these Grandfather Clocks, but they are sought after and do sell out quickly
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