Sylvanian Families Hamburger Stand - Sylvania's favourite takeaways spot!

Everyone in Sylvania is excited about the new Hamburger Stand arriving!

The owner of the hamburger stand is Matteo Fontana, he is wearing a special hamburger shop uniform that is only available with this set. Matteo’s hamburgers are very popular and villagers line up to buy them in places like the amusement park and village square.
The hamburger can be taken apart to create various different functions such as a hamburger stand as well as table and chairs for all the customers to take a seat at. You can have fun for hours grilling patties and frying chips fufilling all the orders that come in. This product comes with over 30 accessories including cute hamburgers with cat ear-shaped buns and drinks. The hamburger stand can also be set up in two ways, shop mode and transport mode it can also be attached to the delivery bike and driven around Sylvania so everyone can have a turn eating at the hotest new resturant in town!