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Sylvanian Families Radio and Camera Vintage set Tomy

Some of the Favourite sets we've sold

In the two years that I've been running Sylvanian Families Specialty Store, there have been some amazing little collectible vintages sold in our store. 
Once they are sold, they are often removed from our online store (meaning they don't show up on google in future).
So this blog article will help to share a few of those fabulous little favourite items. They may have gone on to other wonderful collector's homes, but you might still enjoy a look at them.
Sylvanian Families Tomy vintage camera radio

Sylvanian Families Radio and Camera Set 3158 Tomy

This set above is the early Sylvanian Families Tomy Radio and Camera set. It's very sought after by collector's and a hard to find item as it's now around 30 years old. A gorgeous little set.
Sylvanian Families Sophie's dolls house
Sylvanian Families Sophie's Dolls house is another sought after set. It features Sophie Snowbunny and her miniature houses. This was released twice, and each release had different colour dollshouse roof.

Sylvanian Families Sainsbury's Grocery Store - SF 4510 

Sylvanian Families Sainsbury market
I love this little set with John Sainsbury, the grocer bear and he was hard to part with. 
Released around 2010,  this set was based on the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's and was an exclusive item, which could only be bought at  Sainsbury's stores across the UK.

Sylvanian Families Fish and Chips Van

Probably one of my favourite little food outlets is the Fish and Chip Van. It was an exclusive release to UK. Francesca the Fish Fryer and Sonny were sold separately as accompaniments. 

Sylvanian Families Christmas sets

Sylvanian FAmilies Bear Christmas set
Sylvanian Families Christmas sets are always a favourite and we've seen quite a few pass through our store in recent times. They're collectible especially because Christmas (and any seasonal set, for that matter) are limited edition. Usually released one year, and once sold out it's replaced by another Christmas set.
Sylvanian Families christmas set
And this one is a real vintage (below) a rare Japanese Sylvanian Families Christmas bear set
Sylvanian FAmilies rare Christmas est

Sylvanian Families Furniture set favourites

Syvlanian FAmilies Old Oak Hollow dining table
This gorgeous little set is one of the furniture sets designed to accompany the Sylvanian Families Old Oak Hollow Treehouse.

Sylvanian Families Tomy Dropleaf  Table and Side board

Sylvanian FAmilies Urban Life vintage dropleaf table
I love the old Tomy vintage brown furniture and wish there was more of it still availalble. It's very stylish and elegant with great detail and accessories

Sylvanian Families Ceramic Furniture

Sylvanian Families Ceramic vintage bath
Some of the early Sylvanian Families furniture was made of ceramic and brass, with metal pieces (in the days before it was all regulated to plastic)
Occasionally lovely pieces like this Ceramic and metal bath tub set still turn up
A note to sellers:
Please note that we don't offer pricing on your secondhand items or help in identifying them. We are frequently contacted for help to discuss people's items for sale, however due to time restraints this isn't possible. One tip for finding prices on vintage items is to check Ebay and click on "Completed items" to see what prices items have sold out. There are many Sylvanian Families Facebook groups where you can enquire about your items.
We are not looking to purchase vintage items and our best advise to you would be to sell them on your countries local Sylvanian Facebook group.
We hope you've enjoyed our article and you can find many more Sylvanian Families themed articles here in our news section

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