Sylvanian Families keeping entertained in Lockdown

Sylvanian FAmilies teepee sleepover
How are the Sylvanians keeping themselves busy and entertained these days in lockdown? Let's take a little peep.....
When you can't leave the house to camp.... there's always the living room!
Sylvanian FAmilies art craft drawing birds
How about taking setting up an art studio in the back yard? If that bird could just stay there long enough to have his portrait painted......!
Sylvanian Families Basketball
Practice makes perfect, so they say! And there's plenty of time to get that shot just right!
Sylvanian FAmlies monopoly game
Monopoly for the whole family! Always a favourite. 
Sylvanian FAmilies cow baby
Build something higher than yourself! We have a little architect in the making.
Sylvanian Families maple cat plant garden
Plant a flower and watch it grow, rain or shine.
Sylvanian FAmilies slydale fox gokart
Buster Slydale has always wanted to build a racing go kart. Now that he's stuck at home in lockdown, he has the perfect chance to... and it looks like things are coming along well...
Sylvanian FAmilies meerkat marbles
Don't lose your marbles in lockdown! Play marbles instead!
Sylvanian FAmilies monkeys dressing up
And when you run out of things to do, there's always Mum's wardrobe to try on.
Sylvanian Families unicycle rollerskates
You mightn't be able to go far, but the driveway isn't off limits. Uh-oh, riding a uni-cycle isn't as easy at it looks!
Sylvanian FAmilies carboard box train
I bet most homes in Australia have a few empty cardobard boxes lying around. All aboard! Don't miss the backyard express!
Sylvanian FAmilies bear train
No doubt about it, that old cupboard you hardly ever look in has a few old toy treasures lying in it! You never know what you'll find...
Looks like the  Sylvanian kids are keeping themselves well entertained! Wouldn't you love to shrink down and join them!
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