Sylvanian Families Latte Cat Brothers Exciting Exploration Set


The Sylvanian Families Exciting Exploration Set -Latte Cat Brother & Baby- contains the perfect accessories for an adventure

Take your figures on an expedition using the safari hat, rucksack, lantern and binoculars.
*The Latte Cat boy and Latte Cat baby are wearing cute explorer's clothes that are only available with this set.
*The Latte Cat boy can hold the lantern and wear the rucksack.
*The Latte Cat baby can wear the safari hat and hold the binoculars.



Mick the Latte Cat boy is a strong and dependable boy. He loves to explore and go on adventures, so he is always well-prepared to lead everyone. His rucksack has been carefully packed full of all sorts of things to help with his expeditions.
Mabel the Latte Cat baby is full of mischief and has no fear. Mick is always worried about her.