Sylvanian Families Loot Bags! The best Sylvanian party idea!

Sylvanian Families Loot Bags

Sylvanian Families party inspiration has just taken on a new dimension with the introduction of 
Sylvanian Families Blind Bag Mystery packs!
Sylvanian Families Blind Bag mystery bags loot bags birthday party
At my daughter's recent 10th birthday party, we decided to add Sylvanian Families Baby Band Series Blind Bags into the party loot bags. Along with a few sweets and a balloon, it made the easiest loot bags I've ever made
...and definitely the most fun!

They loved them!

There was much excitement, comparing baby band figures and even some swapping. I'm sure it will be the most loved and looked after loot bag gift ever!
Besides that, I felt I was giving our little party friends a gift that they would value, be played with and treasured for time to come. 
Sylvanian Families Blind Bags Baby band series

What are Sylvanian Families Blind Bags?

Each packet contains one of the 8 baby figures with their instrument (as seen in the image above)
This particular series is the Sylvanian Families Baby Band Series, which has a musical theme.
In each pack there will be one baby Sylvanian figure with their musical instrument. However, your party guests won't know which one it is until they open it, as it's a mystery. 
There may be some double ups, or someone may want to swap as they already have one figure. That's all part of the fun of it! 

You can purchase mystery packs here

Sylvanian Families Blind bags mystery packs loot bags party
Suitable for age 3+
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