Sylvanian Families Maple Scottish Fold Cats - Introducing Sylvania's latest Family!

 Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family new in Sylvania and Australia


It’s always exciting to welcome a new family to Sylvania and this year we’re excited to see the adorable Maple Cat Family arriving in Australia! They’re also known as the Maple Scottish Fold Cat Family and are just more than a wee bit cute, aye!

Sylvanian Families Scottish Fold Cat Maple family


There are already quite a few different Cat Families amongst the Sylvanian villagers over time: Grey Striped Cats, Persian Cats, Whiskers Cats, Solitaire Cats, Silk Cats, Cream Cats and more. In fact, we have quite a wide selection of Cat Families at Sylvanian Specialty Store!

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Let's meet Sylvania's latest family - The Maple Scottish Fold Cats

So who exactly are the Scottish Fold Cats? If you’re like me, you would have never heard of them before. However, in actual fact, Scottish Fold Cats do exist!

But let’s do the formal introductions first (as afterall, Sylvanians are usually very polite and well-mannered!) and meet this lovely new Family.

The Maple Cat Father is Theodore and Maple Cat mother is Georgina , who both work in the brand new Sylvanian Town.

Sylvanian Families Tram Driver

Theodore is the Tram Driver, and Sylvanians are often treated to his Free Guided Tour of Sylvania while enjoying the ride, as he often gives a running commentary while his tram travels along the gleaming cobbled streets and colourful buildings of Sylvania’s town centre.

Sylvanian Families Gelato Shop Town Series with Maple Cat mother Australia

Georgina is a bit of an entrepreneur and runs her own Gelato shop in town, with all the delectable flavours you can imagine. Of course, Theodore helps his wife’s Gelato shop along a little, by stopping his tram right outside her charming pale blue Gelataria. That’s a bit much temptation for most people! 

And then there are their two cute kids, Jasper and Milly and let's not forget the Maple Cat twins and Maple cat baby. Here they all are. What a handsome line up!


 Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family twins and baby


 Scottish Fold Cats

Sylvanian Families Scottish Fold Cat Kitten


Some Background information on Scottish Fold Cats

So let’s find out a little about the real Scottish Fold Cats now. This is very interesting!

Scottish Fold Cats are named after their unique ears that fold down and forward to give them a round, owlish appearance.


*They have distinctive Folded ears

*They bear an owl- like appearance

*They’re a good natured cat

*They can be long or short haired

*They have a variety of fur colours and patterns

Sylvanian Families Maple Scottish Fold Cat see the similarity

A  Scottish  Fold Cat - do you see the likeness to the new Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family?

The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to "fold,” bending forward and down towards the front of the head, which gives the cat what is often described as an "owl-like" appearance.

They display surprisingly round features: a round face, emphasized by flat ears; large, circular eyes; a short snout (compared to other cat breeds) and a round body structure with short to medium legs.

Scottish Fold Cat information about the cat family

Scottish Fold Cats tend to be a very smart "people" cat with a temperament that's usually sweet, bright & quiet with an easy-going nature.

Where did Scottish Fold Cats come from?

The first known Scottish fold cat, Susie, was reportedly found roaming a farm in Perthshire, Scotland, circa 1961.


Celebrity Trivia too!

And here’s some Celebrity Trivia for you! Which celebrity has a Scottish Fold Cat for her pet?

 Taylor Swift's pet is a Scottish Fold Cat too

Singer, Taylor Swift ‘s pet is a Scottish fold cat , named Meredith. She’s named after the character Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) from Taylor's favorite show Grey's Anatomy. Taylor bought Meredith on Halloween 2011.


Well, there’s a little background information about this new Maple Cat Family, and let’s welcome them to our Sylvanian village!







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