Sylvanian Families Mr Lion's Winter Sleigh - the new limited edition Christmas set

Sylvanian Families Mr Lion's Winter Sleigh is this year's Limited Edition Christmas set

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Sylvanian Families Mr Lion's Winter Sleigh 2021
Lionel Grande adores Christmas, and this year he's lucky enough to have been chosen to dress up as Santa Claus.

Sylvanian FAmilies Christmas limited edition Lion sleigh set

And there's even a baby lion figure, for the first time ever in Sylvania!

Little baby Lawrence is excited too, he's dressing up as a Christmas elf and thinks that the sleigh and presents all look so pretty and very tempting. Lionel will be working at the Grand Department Store this winter handing out presents to all the Sylvanian children who have been good this year, and Lawrence can't wait to be Santa's little helper!


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