Sylvanian Families Museum and Art Gallery Trip

Sylvanian FAmilies bamboo panda school trip lined up art galllery
Huge excitement at Country Tree School today - the children are going on a school trip to the Sylvanian Art Gallery! 
Two by two they walk in their pairs safely down the road, overseen by their history teacher, Bertam Bamboo!
Sylvanian Families Trip to the Museum
There's no doubt about it, over the years Sylvanian Families have produced some epic Sylvanian photo scenes. I'm going to share one of my favourite ever.
The Sylvanian Families Museum Excursion. 
I love the story within the story. If you look closely, you'll see so much happening in each scene...
Sylvanian FAmilies Museum scene
Oops! Buster Slydale has wrapped himself in toilet paper and is about to give the unsuspecting school girls the fright of their lives!!!!


Syvlanain Families Art Gallery museum exhibition

. Freya and Saffron are not sure what to make of this exhibition titled "The Un-made Bed"

 Sylvanian FAmilies Terracotta army tanuki racoon dog museum

The Sylvanian Terracotta army exhibition.  Their history teacher, Mr Bamboo, found it very hard to round up all his pupils on the way out of the museum as they thought it would be funny to play hide and seek amongst the Terracotta Army statues!

Sylvanian FAmilies art gallery paintings otter

There's some rather famous paintings on display in the Art Gallery too.


Sylvanian Families Art Gallery exhibition

"He bears an uncanny resemblance to you, David. Do you think he's a long lost relative?"

Sylvanian FAmilies modern art gallery 

In the Modern Art section, Savannah Trunk is quite sure that they've hung one of her Grade 1 paintings by mistake.

Sylvanian FAmilies children walking home through woods

 Well, that was a big day, and most enjoyable. The class make their way home through the woods

(Photo credits: All photos are official Sylvanian Families photos by Epoch toys)

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