Sylvanian Families NEW Christmas Gingerbread Playhouse - it's too cute!

Sylvanian FAmilies gingerbread playhouse cottage Christmas
Nearly every year, Sylvanian Families release a new limited edition Christmas Set, and this year's 2019 Christmas set is one of the most fun and festive yet!
Sylvanian Families Christmas set sledge and toboggan Gingerbread
There’s lots of festive winter fun to be had in this gorgeous little cottage playset.
It reminds me of a fairytale - with it's cute iced Gingerbread cottage look.
Sylvanian Families Gingerbread iced cottage MArshmallow mouse Santa
What comes with this set?
Well, baby Santa this year happens to be Albert Marshmallow from the Marshmallow Mouse Family.
He comes in a cookie shaped sled or you may call it a sleigh.

Sylvanian Families gingerbread house Christmas playset
Baby Santa, Albert Marshmallow mouse can even go up and down the chimney! Sounds like great fun! Don't get stuck, Albert!
And you know, it's not just for Christmas. Any Sylvanian Famlies baby will fit this cottage and I'm sure it will become a firm favourite in your village of Sylvania all year round!
And don't forget we still have plenty in stock of the 2018
as well as other Sylvanian Families Christmas fun!
The Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Set below
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