Sylvanian Families Ponies in 2022

It's been a while since Sylvania has had any pony sets, and also been a while since there's been a hair salon.
And now, in 2022, Sylvanian Families has delightfully combined them both.
Serafina Manely (the pony mum) runs the local hair salon.
Meet Serafina Mainly, the pony hair stylist! 
Serafina and her daughter Sally are delighted to be moving to the Sylvanian village, where Serafina is planning to open her own salon on the high street later this year.
She comes with a wagon to carry all her accessories, and you can put scissors and combs into the pocket on her apron. In addition, she can hold mirrors, hair dryers and other items in her hands. 
As someone asked... who are the clients going to be?
Well, the Walnut Squirrel family could definitely do with a good tail brush and groom at the local salon. There's quite a few tails to be tamed in Sylvania, when you think about it.
And those crazy-haired Bramble Hedgehogs have been too long without a hairdresser to style their prickly locks. So it's great timing that a brand new salon is opening up in the main street of Sylvania!

In store soon!