The Sylvanian Families Popcorn Delivery Trike with Sheep Mother

Sylvanian Families Popcorn Delivery trike

Mother Barbara Dale is well known throughout Sylvania for her freshly-popped popcorn with delicious toppings. She loads up her trusty tricycle with everything she could need and pedals off into the village to sell her wares. One of the most likely places you’ll find her is at the Baby Amusement Park, where the babies can’t wait to try some of her tasty snacks.


The Popcorn Delivery Trike set Includes Barbara the Sheep Mother in an exclusive outfit, plus a popcorn trike and all the accessories needed to enjoy running a popcorn stall.
Turn the handle on the popcorn maker to see the corn really pop.
Turn the handle behind the popcorn maker to make the popcorn bounce up and down!
This fun and colourful set contains all kinds of accessories, such as lollipops and muffins.
The stall can be removed to make it a regular tricycle, with a baby seat at the back!
Combine with the Baby Amusement Park, Baby Windmill Park or Baby Balloon Playhouse (all sold separately) for a full theme park play experience!
Contents: Sheep mother, Tricycle, Popcorn Maker, Popcorn x6, Popcorn Cup (Pink) x2, Popcorn Cup (Blue) x2, Popcorn Bucket (Rabbit), Popcorn Bucket (Bear), Scoop, Heart Lolly, Star Lolly, Round Lolly, Rabbit Muffin, Cat Muffin, Shelves

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