Sylvanian Families Reindeers are landing!

Sylvanian Families Reindeers have always been sought after. What would Christmas be in Sylvania without a few reindeers present in the village?

Well, 2023 brings us just what we are wishing for - a new Sylvanian Families Reindeer Family!

This gorgeous little family is made up of Reindeer Dad ,Jolly and Reindeer Mother, Elm. The Reindeer parents are the Sylvanian village delivery reindeer, they will gently carry your gifts and cooking to your destination. They love to help prepare holiday celebrations and help string up holiday lights with their antlers. 

Reindeer Baby Louis wants to be just like his mother and father and loves to help carry deliveries in his tiny sleigh. His sister Reindeer Baby Eve loves to make decorations and crafts, often hanging them on the sleigh. 


  • Theme: Families 
  • Product Code: 5692 
  • Set includes: Reindeer Father, Reindeer Mother, Reindeer Brother, Reindeer Sister, Sleigh and clothing as pictured. 
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +