Sylvanian Families Self Isolating - COVID19 pictures

During this time of Staying at home and Staying Safe during the Coronovirus pandemic, we'll be posting a smile-worthy series of Sylvanian Stay At Home pictures with Captions. 

There's something very comforting, yet very relatable about the Sylvanian life-style, isn't there. Hope this brings some happy moments to your day! 


Sylvanian Famlies Shop toilet paper

"Look Dad! We've hit the jackpot!"

- Idyllic Sylvania, 2020.


Sylvanian FAmilies elephant study home school

"Mum, how can I concentrate on my English literature lesson when all I can smell is Peanut Brownie's baking?"

And... yes, we still do have Sylvanian Baby Elephants and Elephant twins in store. The Elephant family of 4 is arriving in July.


New Sylvanian Families Persian Cats Gray white

Mr Persian Cat is finding out that Work From Home isn't as productive as he thought, especially when you have such a large family!
As a side note, this Gray and White mixed Persian Cat Family and the triplets will be due in store the later half of this year. Another new family to look forward!

“Life in quarantine is just purr-fect. Watching “Cats” for the 3rd time and on my 9th cup of tea. But maybe I’d better go online and order a treadmill...”


Sylvanian FAmilies Huckleberry dog brother


Have you found your “Happy Place” while staying at home? Looks like someone’s found theirs! 



Photo credit: All photos are Sylvanian Families official images


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