Sylvanian Families Trivia - Did you know.....?

Sylvanian FAmilies Trivia and Interesting Facts

Interesting Sylvanian Fact #1

Did you know that the now discontinued Larchwood Lodge comes with a porch, that also doubles as a storage area? Now that's clever designing!

Sylvanian FAmilies Larchwood Lodge
Sylvanian FAmilies Larchwood Lodge secret drawer


Interesting Sylvanian Fact #2

In 1985, when first created in Japan, Sylvanian Families were originally named 
"Pleasant Friends of the Forest Epoch System Collection Animal Toy Sylvanian Families"

That's quite a mouthful! Aren't you glad they decided on "Sylvanian Families" instead?! 

Sylvanian Families Vintage 1980's figures


Sylvanian Interesting fact #3

Sylvanian Families are called "Lindos Ternurines" in Mexico.

Sylvanian Families have been released in many countries around the world, some countries even having certain sets released exclusively to their country. In Mexico there are certain "Lindos Ternurines" exclusive sets, which come with their own unique style of Sylvanian Families packaging.

Sylvanian FAmlies Mexico Lindo Ternurines


Sylvanian Interesting fact #4

The Sylvanian Families Harvester restaurant, released in 1994, was based on a chain of Harvester Restaurants which are still operating in UK today. The family restaurants are renowned for their salad bar! Maybe you'd noticed that Sylvanian Families food sets are for the most part vegetarian? Below are some of the pictures of the real Harvester restaurants. Can you see the similarity?

Sylvanian Families Harvester Restaurant


Sylvanian Families Harvester Restaurant


Sylvanian Families Harvester Restaurant


Sylvanian Interesting fact #5

The beautiful pink and white Wildflower Rabbit family are sold exclusively at the Sylvanian Families Themepark, Grinpa at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. Markings on the Wildflower's noses are in the shape of Mount Fuji

Sylvanian Families Wildflower rabbit girl RARE


Sylvanian Interesting fact #6

Over over 120 million Sylvanian Families figures have been sold worldwide. That's a rate of at least three toys per second since launching in 1985!

Sylvanian Families Tomy early figures rare


Sylvanian Interesting fact #7 

The Treefellow Owls were released in UK, USA (in 1988) and Holland (in 1987) The two Dutch edition Owl babies (according to the translation on the box) were named 'Ill Tempered Baby' and 'Cry Baby'

Would you stick with the official names, or re-name your baby owls?

Sylvanian FAmilies Owl family


Sylvanian interesting fact #8

When the Sylvanian Families Father Christmas and Tree Set was released in UK, the Santa bear on the box packaging was different to the bear inside. The box showed a one-toned brown bear like the Petite bears, but the Santa figure inside was similar to the Calico Critters Marmalade Bear, with a teardrop shape around his nose

The Box image below:

Sylvanian FAmilies Teardrop bear Santa Father Christmas

The actual Sylvanian Families Marmalade Bear Santa inside the set

Sylvanian Families Santa bear and tree set Christmas


Sylvanian interesting fact #9 

Did you know that the Sylvanian Families Buckley Deer female family members have a heart shape in their ears? The male members of the Buckley family missed out on this loveable feature, though.

Sylvanian Families Buckley Red Deer Family


Sylvanian Families interesting fact #10

In USA Sylvanian Families are called Calico Critters. Although the figures are the same, the families are known by completely different names, In Australia our Milk Rabbit father is Alex Periwinkle the Milk Rabbit Father, but in the USA and Canada the Calico Critters Milk Rabbit Father is Ben Sweetpea. 


Calico Critters Doctor with bicycle Toys R Us set


Sylvanian Families interesting fact #11

In 2015, Sylvanian Families in United Kingdom held a competition to discover the village in England that was most like fictitious Sylvania.  Old Basing in United Kingdom won and was voted in as Sylvania's Twin Village.
You can read more about it here>>>

Sylvania's Twin Village in United Kingdom

Old Basing UK the village most like Sylvanian Families town village


Sylvanian Families interesting fact #12

There was a Sylvanian First Aid Kit!
Back in the heyday of Sylvanian Families in the 1980's and early 90's, Sylvanian Families produced some fabulous memorabilia items, such as this full sized, wooden Sylvanian Families First Aid Kit. Now it's very rare and highly collectible.

Sylvanian FAmilies First Aid kit vintage.


Sylvanian Families interesting fact #13

In 2011 Sylvanian Families releases several sports sets to coincide with the 2012 London Olympics. Sets included a Gymnastics set (as seen below), a Showjumping set, Swimming and Athletics sets. These sets were limited in release to United Kingdom

Sylvanian FAmilies Gymnastics set


Sylvanian Families interesting fact #14

Did you know that in 2011 to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, Sylvanian Families released a special UK Wedding Commemorative set?  It came with William Balmoral (groom) and his beautiful bride Catherine. The Milk Rabbit couple we’re joined by the Reverend Kelvin Waters, Beaver) and surrounded by the gorgeous bridesmaids Amelia and Louise and cheeky little page boy James

Sylvanian Families Wedding Party 2011


Sylvanian Families Interesting Fact #15

Enemies in Sylvania!

Although we often hear about idyllic Sylvania, the Sylvanian folks did have an enemy back in 1987, when the first TV Cartoon Series came out. In the popular TV cartoon series, the villain Packbat and his evil helper, Gatorpossum would often try to capture the Sylvanians, with the help of the traitorous Slydale Fox family.

Sylvanian Families Packbat video dvd cartoon series


And the full 1987 Cartoon Series can stll be purchased on DVD today

Sylvanian Families The Big Adventure DVD cartoon

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